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Employment Mentoring Program (EMP)

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Program Description
The objective of the Employment Mentoring Program (EMP) is to create a structured environment for "Bridging International Professional Newcomers with B.C. Professionals". This program is mainly aimed for the newcomers of Metro Vancouver.
The Program’s core activity is the specialized matching of newcomers (i.e. mentees) with Mentors who have Canadian experience in the mentee’s field. While newcomers often have mentoring needs in common, their level of knowledge about the labour market, specific industrial information, and understanding of how they might fulfill market demand varies greatly. Following an assessment of individual needs, the mentees are matched with mentors who are capable of supporting and guiding the mentee’s career development and personal growth in Canada.

Mentee Eligibility
The program will serve unemployed and underemployed immigrants. Eligible Newcomer Clients include Permanent Residents of Canada.

Priority is given to Clients with the following characteristics:
• All primary clients of Settlement Integration Program (SIP);
• Newcomers who are lacking satisfactory work experience in Canada;
• Possess education, professional training and/or work experience gained outside Canada;
• Willing to learn and follow through on commitments, and open to receiving feedback;
• Have good communication skills in English and basic understanding of the labour market;
• Job readiness: able to communicate with mentor and utilize the information provided.

Mentor Eligibility
Potential Mentors should have a genuine desire to help newcomers, be established residents familiar with national and provincial social, cultural, and credential systems, have a good understanding of the labour market and employment systems and, where possible, occupational specific expertise.

EMP will target Mentors with the following characteristics:
• New immigrants from different background willing to share his/her successful job search experiences;
• Local professionals from different industries who have a minimum of 3 years’ professional experience in Canada;
• Knowledge of current market demands and professional expertise;
• Cross-cultural sensitivity, a non-judgmental approach, patience, and good interpersonal skills;
• Commitment: Able to provide at least 24 mentoring hours to the mentee within the period of 4 months; recommends face-to-face meetings, and may continue online or telephone communication.

Start Dates/ Duration
EMP provides 1-to-1 mentoring, group mentoring, peer mentoring, e-mentoring and follow up services for 3 months

Program Fee:

Contact Information:
Contact: Ziggy Hui
Phone: 604-408-7274 Ext. 2053
Fax: 604-408-7247

Program Location:
Employment Mentoring Program Coordinator
28 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1R6

Contact Name: Ziggy Hui
Contact Number: 604-408-7274