Smart Cities Challenge

Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenge 

The City of Coquitlam has submitted an application for the Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenge, a nationwide competition encouraging cities to adopt a smart cities approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology.

If successful, Coquitlam could receive $10  million to fund its proposal to become a Smart City Living Lab with a focus on ‘smart’ waste management solutions that minimize and mitigate human-wildlife conflict, as well as address other emerging environmental issues such as waste reduction and diversion, greenhouse gas reduction and the use of renewable energies.

To meet the Smart Cities Challenge goal of openness and transparency and to encourage dialogue among our residents and stakeholders, we are required to post our application online. Expand the list below to review the questions and the City of Coquitlam responses.

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  • Community Information

  • Prize Category

  • Challenge Statement

  • Proposal Outcomes

  • Community Input and Engagement

  • Preliminary Proposal

  • Ways Proposal Supports City Goals, Strategies and Plans

  • Community Readiness to Implement Proposal

  • Plans for the $250,000 Grant

  • Proposed Partners

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What is a Smart City?

Smart cities are innovative places that use technology and data to create safe public spaces and improve how citizens move around, live and play, work and learn, participate in society, and interact with nature.

Examples include better city planning and the use of technology to create greener buildings, smart roads and energy systems, and advanced digital connections for homes and businesses. 

How is Coquitlam currently using technology to enhance community life and City services?

  • secure web portal for City of Coquitlam accounts such as utilities, property taxes and dog licences
  • Viewpoint online community survey panel
  • Council Meeting webcasts and online agendas and minutes
  • eServices for online payments, renewals, program registration and permit application
  • Free WiFi in City parks and civic facilities, including City Hall, Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex and City Centre Aquatic Complex
  • LED street lights
  • Public safety cameras
  • Solar-powered mobile device charging station in Spirit Square
  • Traffic management systems
  • GPS fleet management system on service vehicles
  • Online building inspection booking tool and mobile building inspections
  • State-of-the-art QNet fibre optic network
  • Qthe Map-Web interactive City map to find zoning information, area plans, parks, City facilities, utility data and property information

Technology Roadmap

Coquitlam’s Technology Roadmap is high level strategic document that will guide how the City will choose and use technology to improve its business functions, operational efficiency and services to the community in the coming years.

Work on the plan started in 2016 with a view to making sure the most effective technology is being used, and meeting the City’s needs now and into the future.

Presented to City Council in February 2018, the Techonology Roadmap will also help the City navigate the rapidly-changing world of technology by providing a method to identify, evaluate, prioritize and implement new solutions as they become available or cost-effective.

Initiatives are grouped under six technology-enabling strategies that reflect the City’s operations, Strategic Plan and feedback from the annual Ipsos Reid Citizen Survey:

  1. Improve citizen services and customer experience
  2. Develop smart transportation solutions
  3. Maintain public safety and security
  4. Improve operational efficiency and productivity
  5. Empower staff to be better at what they do
  6. Migrate towards a “smart city” (a city that collects and uses electronic data to be more efficient and effective

Development of the Technology Roadmap included extensive research, a close look at staff technology use and needs, a community survey, input from the Youth Council.

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For further information on Coquitlam's Smart City initiatives, contact:

Danny Bandiera
Manager Information & Communication Technology
Phone: 604-927-3601