Engineering & Public Works

Engineering and Public Works plans, implements and operates the systems that enable the community to use high-quality water for drinking and fire fighting, and dispose of sanitary waste, as well as operate drainage and transportation facilities including roads, bridges, street lighting and traffic signal systems, and the corporate fleet. The department coordinates the Capital Works program as it relates to the provision of new streets and transportation systems, drainage, water and sewer systems. The department also maintains record drawings and high quality maps of the City.

Engineering and Public Works is also responsible for the City’s environmental services, which include: energy management and climate action; development and implementation of environmental programs, policies and objectives; City-wide waste reduction, collection and recycling; water conservation; and environmental protection.

Engineering & Public Works Customer Service

Engineering Emergency Services for Water, Sewer and Roads

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Phone: 604-927-3500

If this matter is urgent, please call our Engineering and Public Works Customer Service line at 604-927-3500 (24 Hours / 7 Days a Week).

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Please Note - The Engineering and Public Works email address is only monitored during regular business hours (Monday to Friday:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).​

Engineering ​& Public Works

General Manager - Jozsef Dioszeghy
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