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Cost-saving Internet Deals Bring High-speed WiFi to City Facilities

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, March 18, 2016 – The City of Coquitlam’s newly signed deals for high-speed internet services has improved WiFi performance at City facilities by ten-fold while saving thousands each year. 

Following a competitive bidding process, the City recently signed deals with Allstream and Urban Communications for two independent one-gigabit internet connections, replacing the former 100Mb and 10Mb links. In doing so, the City’s fees have dropped from $73,200 to $50,400 annually, in exchange for approximately 20 times more bandwidth and greater reliability.

The new connections have also opened the door for a better performing free high-speed WiFi at all city facilities, including Town Centre Stadium. Free WiFi was installed at city facilities two years ago but was limited to 5Mb to prevent system overloads. The WiFi connections are now between 25 and 50Mb, depending on facility and demand. A typical home connection is 20-30Mb.

The expanded WiFi services are part of Coquitlam’s efforts to become a more connected city, where ready access to high-speed internet provides new opportunities for both businesses and citizens.

For example, access to reliable fast WiFi at the pool may encourage parents to stay on site to work while their children take a lesson. Similarly, as free high-speed WiFi rolls out to parks and outdoor pools in the coming years, the local spray park could do double duty as a work space for dad and play space for his daughter.  

Central to this vision is QNet, the city’s carrier-grade fibre optic network, which links city facilities and provides access to competitive broadband services to local businesses, schools and residential highrises. Unused capacity in the system is leased to generate revenue.

The new gigabit connections were possible due to QNet’s fibre optic infrastructure, which has attracted a number of high-speed internet service providers to the community. To find out more about QNet, visit www.qnetbc.net.

Aside from the faster WiFi service, the new high-speed links will enable the city to more easily engage in high-bandwidth activities such as teleconferencing, and take advantage of more cost-effective internet telephone options.  

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Media contacts:
Darren Browett 
Technical Services Manager 
City of Coquitlam Coquitlam 

Scott Jamieson 
Director of Operations
Optical Network Corporation (QNet)