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Navigate Coquitlam Parks with iParks App

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, May 18, 2016 A free mobile app has made it easier than ever to explore Coquitlam’s parks.

Approximately 70 Coquitlam parks have now been added to Metro Vancouver’s iParks Navigator app, available for free download from iTunes or through www.metrovancouver.org. Coquitlam joins the cities of Vancouver, Richmond and North Vancouver in adding its park data to the app, which also lists regional parks such as Minnekhada and Colony Farm.

iParks Navigator uses map data and the device’s location-based services to allow users to:

  • Search for parks based on an activity,
  • Get directions to the park (including via transit),
  • View the park map and pinpoint their exact location in the park, and
  • Get basic information about park amenities.

Parks of all sizes in Coquitlam are featured, from small neighbourhood parks to popular destinations such as Town Centre Park.

The app’s park listings provide an image, a written description, contact information, and icons showing any amenities, such as washrooms, playgrounds, picnic tables, swimming areas or hiking trails. Other possible features include video profiles, event calendars, trail advisories and safety information.

The addition of Coquitlam parks to iParks Navigator is the part of the City’s ongoing effort to encourage active lifestyles and provide residents and visitors with relevant and up-to-date information about civic parks and recreational amenities.

There was no cost to add Coquitlam parks to the app, and because existing GIS data is used, staffing costs for developing and maintaining the park data are minimal. City staff will collaborate with Metro Vancouver staff to provide relevant updates to Coquitlam parks information and data available on the app.

As cities in the region continue to sign on, the goal is for the app to become an integrated, mobile source of information for all parks throughout the region.


Media contact:
Michelle Hunt
Director Planning Business Services
Parks, Recreation and Culture Services