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Hillcrest Students Help Decommission Unsanctioned Trails in Environmentally Sensitive Areas in Mundy Park

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, April 11, 2017 – Unsanctioned trails around the new Nature Trail  in Mundy Park will soon become decommissioned thanks to the work of Hillcrest Middle School students in partnership with the City of Coquitlam.

On April 19 & 20 students and City staff will be working in environmentally sensitivity areas within the Park. The plan is to plant native species and to move debris and scour the soil on the existing unsanctioned trails that offshoot off the new Nature Trail.

As a result of many unsanctioned trails in Mundy Park, the need for a Nature Trail was identified in the Mundy Park Forest Management Plan in 2014. The Plan addressed the issue of unsanctioned trails throughout the Park negatively affecting environmentally sensitive areas. The new Nature Trail was built in 2016 and is just East from Mundy Lake. As part of the completion of the project the unsanctioned trails leading off the new Nature Trail must be decommissioned.

Mundy Park’s Forest Management Plan looks at the wooded and other natural areas of the park, but does not cover the sports fields, the facilities area or the BC Hydro right-of-way. The Plan assesses the climate, land, plants and animals, and also the unique considerations of the natural forest in an urban environment and its interaction with park users.

Park users and residents interested in learning more about the Forest Management Plan,, are encouraged to visit the Mundy Park webpage.


Media contact:
Lanny Englund
Urban Forest and Parks Services Manager