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Coquitlam Street Dedicated In Memory of Trevor Wingrove

by GS GS |

COQUITLAM, BC, Monday, January 13, 2014– The legacy of a City employee who worked to make a positive influence in Coquitlam will live on with the naming of Trevor Wingrove Way.

Wingrove worked his way up over nearly a decade to the position of City Clerk and then to General Manager of Corporate Services. In this capacity, Trevor led a number of initiatives which have left a legacy which will benefit Coquitlam residents and visitors for years to come.

However, in 2010, Trevor passed away at the age of 42, after a hard-fought battle with cancer.

In an effort to recognize his contributions to his community, the street that intersects Town Centre Park, currently named Park Entry Way, will be re-named as Trevor Wingrove Way.

“Trevor was a special person and we were very fortunate to have him as a part of our team at the City,” said Mayor Richard Stewart. “I knew Trevor for years, and will think of him every time I visit our Town Centre Park. I trust that Trevor’s family knows how much we value the enormous contributions he made to our community.” 

Official naming of City facilities is an honour bestowed on a small number of people who have made exceptional contributions that have not only shaped the City’s past, but also fundamentally contribute to the City’s success in the future.


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