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Public Works Contribute to High Quality of Life

by Kevin Henkelman |

Each day as we proceed through our daily life, we often take for granted the services that make our lives better: clean water for cooking; accessible sidewalks and efficient road networks to get us to our destinations; traffic lights and signals providing us safe navigation; and sewer and drainage infrastructure for health and safety and to prevent flooding. Have you ever thought about who the people are that help maintain Coquitlam’s superior quality of life?

They are the engineers, specialists, professionals and front-line workers of the Engineering & Public Works department. Regardless of the season, Public Works staff are responsible for ensuring our water is clean and readily available for use in our homes and for firefighting, the City roads are accessible, traffic signs and markings operate properly, and vegetation is controlled along our roadways.

Coquitlam Public Works also has a 24/7 Utility Control Centre with dedicated staff ready who act as first responders for emergencies such as a major traffic accidents, water main breaks, snow storms and flooding events, trees across public roadways, clean up of non-hazardous spills and more. You can call the Engineering & Public Works customer service line at 604-927-3500 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Coquitlam’s Public Works Highlights:

  • Monitor and distribute more than 19,000,000 cubic metres of drinking water;
  • Maintain over 497km of water mains, 13 water pump stations and 9 water storage reservoirs;
  • Maintain 1,124 lane-km of roads, 26 bridge structures, 524 km of sidewalks, 74 km of laneways (including 9 km of gravel lanes), and 11 km of walkways;
  • Maintain more than 8,600 City-owned street lights, and 2,000 lights on BC Hydro poles;
  • Maintain 135 traffic signals, including fire vehicle detection and preemption, a back-up power supply, and accessible and audible traffic signals at selected locations;
  • Maintain and monitor methane collection system in and around landfill in Fraser Mills area;
  • Maintain 24 sanitary lift stations, 23 grinder stations, 4 drainage pump stations and 5 flood gates;
  • Maintain over 500 km of sewer mains, 525 km of drainage mains, 16km of dikes and over 37,000 sewer and drainage service connections ;
  • Prevent flooding through dike system and escarpment inspections; and 
  • Maintain and clean ditches on road and lane allowances, as well as culverts and creek road crossings.

Public Works week is May 17-23, “Community Begins Here.” Please, take time to appreciate the professional men and women who provide us these essential services that contribute to Coquitlam’s high quality of life.