​PRC Seniors Services Draft Strategy 

 The Parks, Recreation and Culture Seniors Services Draft Strategy is now complete.

The project, which began in spring 2016, involved extensive research and consultation that included:

  • a review of best program practices, participation and demographic trends,
  • a series of community workshops and 
  • an online survey.

The results of the consultation confirmed that the recreation services currently provided to seniors are valued; however, many of the research participants would like to see more opportunities to connect across cultures and generations. They would also support increased outreach efforts to engage older adults and seniors who may not be aware of services or who experience participation barriers.

These and other key findings informed the Four Goals of the Seniors Services Strategy:

  • Ensure Access and Inclusion for All; 
  • Provide Excellence in Program and Service Delivery; 
  • Improve Communication and Collaboration; and 
  • Develop Volunteer and Staff Resources.

Within each Goal area, the Strategy identifies action steps and priority levels to meet the range of recreation needs of the older adult demographic.

The Dogwood Pavilion and Glen Pine Pavilion will continue to provide programming and services to seniors and the larger recreation centres will continue to adapt to the increasing participation needs of older adults and seniors.

The Strategy implementation will focus on identifying areas for collaboration through the Recreation Program Policy, building Advisory Board and volunteer capacity, and ensuring that older adult residents are aware of the many opportunities available, feel welcome and included, and have greater access to the programs and services they would find most beneficial and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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