Curbside Collection

General Guidelines

General information on Coquitlam’s solid waste collection program, including where, how and when to use the carts, Frequently Asked Questions and waste bylaws.

Zone Map & Collection Calendar

Find out your collection zone and the day of the week your Green Cart and Garbage Cart will be collected. Sign up for our Curbside Collection reminders.

Green Carts

Information on the Green Carts, including what goes in, how to use it and how to keep it clean.

Garbage Carts & Large Item Pick-Up

Find out what goes in your Garbage Cart and how to schedule a Large Item Pick Up.

Recycling & Additional Disposal

Learn about your recycling, managed through Recycle BC, and information on disposing of items that can’t go in your Curbside Collection. Use the Waste Wizard to find out how to recycle, compost or dispose of items. 

Backyard Composting & Yard Trimmings

Information on backyard composting, where to take your extra yard trimmings, and the Seasonal Unlimited Yard Waste Collection.

Urban Wildlife & Waste

Learn about how you can live smart with Urban Wildlife.

Information for Multi-Family Homes

If you live in a townhouse or condominium, we have some information for you.