Recycling & Additional Disposal

Your recyclables deserve a second life.

You can recycle many items – from cans and bottles to glass and milk cartons.

Coquitlam residents living in single family homes now receive their curbside recycling service for free! Curbside recycling is a weekly service that is provided by Smithrite Disposal Ltd. through Multi-Material BC, learn more at

Questions about your recycling service? Please call Smithrite at 604-529-4011

City of Coquitlam Recycling Depots

The City has two recycling depots, the Town Centre Depot and the Mariner Service Centre Depot. The depots are for residential use only and accept cardboard, mixed paper and mixed containers (plastic, tin, glass).

Town Centre


Located in Town Centre Park on North side of Trevor Wingrove Way, West off Pipeline Road

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 8:00am – 7:00pm

Closed public holidays

Service Centre


500 Mariner Way, just North of Austin Avenue

Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 8:00am – 7:00pm

Closed public holidays

Please note that these recycling depots are for Coquitlam residents only

Multi-Material BC Drop Off Depots

Many items that are not accepted at your curbside can be brought to a MMBC drop off depot including plastic bags, Styrofoam, electronics and many more items. Visit for more information. 

We don’t take it – but others will.

Many household items are not accepted by the City’s waste collection service. However, you can still recycle these items through the Province’s Take-Back Programs or dispose of them at the Wastech Transfer Station.

Take-Back Programs

The Province’s Take-Back Programs allow you to recycle a wide range of items – and keep them out of our landfills. For more information, contact the Recycling Council of BC at 604-RECYCLE (604 732 9253) or

Items that have Product Stewardship Programs are banned from the landfill and cannot be placed in your garbage.

Recycling Directories

  • Recycling Council of BC - Phone: 604-RECYCLE (604-732-9253)
  • Metro Vancouver Recycles
  • We Recycle - Recycling App for your smartphone

What to do with everything else?

Some items are not covered by Provincial Product Stewardship Programs but can still be recycled. Check out the links below for a list of recycling locations. Please note this information is provided as guidance only. We recommend calling each location first to confirm they still accept the products you wish to recycle.

Note: fees might be applied

Other Disposal Facilities

The facilities listed below accept a range of both recyclable and non-recyclable items. Visit the websites for a complete list of items they accept, rates and opening hours.

Other Disposal Facilities


  • Wastech

  • Coquitlam Construction Recycling & Yard Trimmings Facility

  • Meadows Landscape Supply

  • Pacific Mobile Depot

  • Happy Stan's Recycling Services Ltd.

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