Alternative Disposal & Recycling

Styrofoam™ RecycleCoquitlam residents can now recycle their Styrofoam™ products for FREE!

Drop off your clean white Styrofoam™ at The Coquitlam Construction Recycling & Yard Trimming Drop-off Facility and it will be recycled! 
All of the Styrofoam™ will be taken to Foam Only and compressed into feedstock to be up cycled into products such as picture frames and door moldings.

What types of Styrofoam™ can I recycle?


  • White Styrofoam™ ONLY
  • Styrofoam™ blocks
  • Electronics packing (foam sheets, blocks & film)
  • Clean foam food containers (clam shells, meat trays, plates)
  • White insulation board off cuts


  • Foam packing peanuts or packing noodles
  • Expanding foam caulking
  • Dirty or contaminated foam
  • Hard plastic
  • Coloured Styrofoam™

Visit the "What to Do with Everything Else" section of the Alternative Disposal & Recycling web page for alternative locations to drop off Styrofoam for recycling.

Coquitlam Construction Recycling & Yard Trimming Drop-off Facility - 995 United Boulevard
Monday - Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please note - Coquitlam residents only - proof of residency required (e.g. Driver's License). No commerical use allowed.

Take-Back Programs

Many items that are not accepted in the City’s Blue Box program can be recycled through Provincial Product Stewardship (Take-Back) Programs These items are banned from the landfill and cannot be placed in your garbage.

The list of alternative recycling locations below is not guaranteed and is provided for your convenience. We recommend calling first to confirm that the location still accepts the product that you are recycling. Select the item that you are recycling to see a list of recycling locations.

Alternative Recycling

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What to Do with Everything Else!

Some items are not covered by Provincial Product Stewardship Programs but can still be recycled. Check out the links below for a list of recycling locations. Please note this information is provided as guidance only. We recommend calling each location first to confirm they still accept the products you wish to recycle.

Note: fee might be applied

Alternative Recycling - Everything Else

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  • Cling Wrap & Plastic Film

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Gypsum

  • Mattresses & Box Springs

  • Pet Waste

  • Plastic Bags

  • Styrofoam

  • Styrofoam Chips & Peanuts

Recycling Directories

Other Disposal Facilities

The facilities listed below accept a range of both recyclable and non-recyclable items. Visit the websites for a complete list of items they accept, rates and opening hours.

Other Disposal Facilities

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  • Wastech

  • Coquitlam Construction Recycling & Yard Trimmings Facility

  • Meadows Landscape Supply

  • Pacific Mobile Depot

  • Happy Stan's Recycling Services Ltd.

Did you know?

  • Get money for your old fridge! If you have a fridge that measures between 10-24 cubic feet and is still in working condition, BC Hydro will pick it up, recycle it and give you $30 for it! For more information, please visit BC Hydro’s website.

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