Dog Licen​ces

About Dog Licences

The first step to responsible dog ownership is licencing your dog. All dogs over the age of six months must be licenced every year with the City of Coquitlam. A dog licence helps protect your pet by providing an easy-to-identify dog tag and registration with the Coquitlam Animal Shelter. If your pet is lost anywhere in the world, the fastest way to be reunited with your dog is by this dog tag and the licence.
Dog licence fees also help fund the Coquitlam Animal Shelter which protects and finds homes for stray animals in the city, and help pay for animal control and regulatory services associated with pet ownership.
Bylaw Notice Violations (tickets) will be issued if your dog is found unlicenced. A minimum penalty for an unlicenced dog is $150.

Dog Licence Renewal

The City will send a Dog Licence Renewal in December when your dog tag needs to be renewed. Please remember to notify us if you change your contact info, move away or no longer have your dog, so that we may update or deactivate your dog licence account. Renew your Dog Licence online by visting our Dog Licence Renewal Service.

Dog Licensing Costs

The cost of licensing your pet depends on whether or not it is spayed or neutered - a reduced licence fee is charged for spayed or neutered dogs. A discount on licence fees is available until February 1. Discount fee also applies for any newly acquired dogs.

  • Spayed or neutered dogs until February 1: $2​8.00
  • Spayed or neutered dogs after February 1: $4​3.00
  • Non-spayed or non-neutered dogs until February 1: $54.00
  • Non-spayed or non-neutered dogs after February 1: $6​9.00
    (You must provide proof of spaying or neutering to receive the discounted licence rate.)

Dog Licences expire December 31.

Dog Licensing Deadlines

If you have been asked by a Bylaw Officer to purchase a licence by a specific deadline or to comply with a Notice of Violation, please assure that the licence is purchased in-person by that specific date. You may also ask for an extension to your deadline. Failure to comply with the deadline may result in fines being mailed to you.  

Payment made in person can be cash, debit, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or money order.  By mail, please attach payment by cheque or money order with a completed application. Licence fees are not refundable or transferable.

New Dog Licence Applications

Your completed new licence application and proof of spaying or neutering can be dropped off, mailed or faxed to:

Coquitlam Animal Shelter
500 Mariner Way
Coquitlam BC V3K 7B6
Phone: 604-927-7387
Fax: 604.927.7388