Pinetree Way Enhancement Project

The City of Coquitlam ​has improv​ed Pinetree Way between Barnet Highway and Town Centre Boulevard during the construction of the Evergreen Line ALRT Project.

One of the project goals was to provide enhanced facilities and function for all road users while creating a greener, attractive and welcoming gateway to the City Centre.

After nearly two years of construction, the Pinetree Way Enhancement project is substantially complete.

This project redesigned the stretch bringing improvements to traffic flow and safety while creating an appealing, functional streetscape designed to encourage people to walk, cycle, use transit and gather in the City Centre.

Pinetree Way is a key part of the City’s plans for accommodating our current needs and future growth, as well as our vision of the City Centre as a lively community hub.

One of the themes for many architectural features along the Pinetree Way corridor is “nature in the City."

Pinetree Way Enhancement Project Details

The stretch of Pinetree Way between Barnet Highway and Town Centre Boulevard is the primary gateway to Coquitlam’s City Centre. With the introduction of the Evergreen Line ALRT guideway, the City wants to ensure Pinetree Way is a green, attractive and welcoming corridor while improving facilities for all road users, including drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.


The improvements cost $14 million, of which more than 85% is funded from fees paid by developers and through grant funding.

Some the improvements are as follows:

  • Multi-use pathway with partial weather protection
  • Wide, attractive and comfortable sidewalks
  • Pedestrian-activated signals
  • Separation from traffic by landscaping, trees, etc.
  • Rest areas, additional seating, public art and greenery
  • Shorter pedestrian crossings using curb bulges
  • More distinct crosswalks using colour and texture
  • Improved lighting, including feature light columns
  • Improved signage & way finding
  • Attractive, safe bus stops
  • Street parking in select locations
  • Traffic safety and operational improvements

One of the concepts for many architectural features is “nature in the City”.

You can view photographs taken ​on November 2 ​on our "Flip the Switch" Flickr page.

The corridor features green coloured crosswalks that denote the multi-use pathway, which means that cyclists do not need to dismount at the crossing but must yield to pedestrians. The crosswalk at Guildford Way and Pinetree Way are also extra wide and include let-downs for accessibility. This is the widest crosswalk in the City of Coquitlam and anticipates the large number of pedestrians at this location.

There are nine multi-stream waste collection bins located at each bus stop along Pinetree Way with each bin containing a receptable for three steams – paper, recyclable containers and garbage.

There are also 11 utility boxes along Pinetree Way between Lougheed Highway and Town Centre Boulevard. Each box will be wrapped with images that promote points of interest and parks located throughout Coquitlam. Location maps on the wraps indicate to viewers where they can find the featured attraction.

Light Column and Guideway Lighting
These light columns stand 15 metres tall and each feature over 2,000 LED bulbs. The cladding on the base of each column has been designed to resemble the bark of a pine tree. have programmable effects, which can be set to respond to rapid transit arrivals and will celebrate holidays and other special events.

The Stream
Located at the southeast corner of Guildford Way and Pinetree Way, coloured concrete has been used to provide the illusion of a stream running between the guideway columns and benches. LED lighting projects to the underside of the guideway, to provide the illusion of a stream reflection and there are pressure pads to activate the stream area.

Burlington Plaza
Located at Burlington Drive, this location is the entrance and exit for the bike pathway. Separate pathways have been designated for cyclists where there has been sufficient space. Street markers, designed to resemble the larger light columns, have been installed at all cross streets along the corridor to enhance wayfinding.

The Branches
Located on the east side of Pinetree Way to the south of Glen Drive, the Branches are sculptural forms that incorporate gobos (a stenciled pattern inside a light fixture) that create shadows and images that resembles branches and leaves.

The Guideway Mover
Located on the east side of Pinetree Way adjacent to the City Centre Branch of Coquitlam Public Library, this projector uses ten different gobos and colored lighting to create various shows that change with the seasons.

Crossing at Northern Way
The Multi-use Pathway crosses Pinetree Way at this point, traversing from the east side to the west and all four crosswalks at this intersection allow for any crosswalk to be used depending on which walk signal appears first. This is also one of the many locations where the sidewalk was extended to improve pedestrian travel by providing a shorter crossing distance.

The Pines
Located on the west side of Pinetree Way adjacent to Coquitlam Centre Shopping Centre and between Lincoln and Anson avenues, The Pines is another pedestrian plaza along the corridor that hhas been designed so the retaining walls can double as seating areas.The Multi-use pathway at this location separates pedestrians from cyclists.

 Note: TransLink has contributed to the multi-use pathway and bicycle facilities.

Public Consultation

The project design was presented to Council and at two public open houses in June 2012. The City ​met one-on-one with stakeholders and hosted an Information Session.

Information Session - Display Boards

The public was updated throughout the project through:

  • Letters to affected property owners
  • Project updates on the this page
  • Social media updates
  • Information handouts at key milestones 


  • Summer/fall 2014: Completion of detailed design, with public consultation
  • Fall 2014: Project tender
  • Early 2015: Project Award
  • Spring 2015-spring 2016: Construction
  • ​​​November 2016: ​Flip the Switch Opening

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Project Contact Information

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