The street network is a critical component of the City’s transportation, not only for supporting automobile traffic, but also walking, cycling, transit and goods movement. In order to ensure that City Streets are as safe as possible, a variety of programs, tools, regulations and incentives exist, such as:


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Road Safety

For information on what you can do to reduce your risk on the road, see ICBC - Road Safety website.

Traffic Cameras

For information on road conditions outside Coquitlam, check out the TransLink website to see the many traffic cameras around the region.

Motor Vehicle Act

The Motor Vehicle Act governs driver licensing and standards, motor vehicle offenses and enforcement, and sets out regulatory signs.

Car Sharing

Car sharing offers the convenience of a vehicle without the hassle or ongoing expenses of owning and maintain one. It provides a strong complement to other sustainable travel modes like public transit, walking and cycling. Research from the 2014 Metro Vancouver Car Share Study has further shown that each car share vehicle replaces between 5 and 11 private personal vehicles. At present, Modo and Zipcar have a presence in Coquitlam. Other car sharing operators in the Metro Vancouver region are Car2Go and Evo, and they offer Coquitlam residents the option of taking transit or cycling to access a car share vehicle, which can then be used for the rest of their trip.