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Parking Changes ​Around Evergreen Extension Stations

With the opening of the Millennium Line Evergreen Extension, the City of Coquitlam has introduced parking options for commuters around SkyTrain stations, which include hundreds of new Park and Ride parking spots throughout Coquitlam’s City Centre.

New street parking regulations include timed parking restrictions and paid parking to ensure visitors and customers can still access parking for residential areas, local businesses, and civic centres.

Parking Regulation Maps

Below are ​parking ​regulations ​​maps for each station area​ that show the regulations in place. Over the next few months, the City will be monitoring on-street parking, including residential areas, to determine whether further parking changes are warranted.

A GIS map of the on-street pay parking and park-and-ride locations i​s available HERE (select "Transportation" followed by "Pay Parking" and/or "Parking and Ride locations.)

Regulation Hours

The parking regulations will be in effect Monday to Saturday. As posted, they will typically only be in effect from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., which allows for overnight street parking for residents and their guests. Time and pay regulations are also not in effect on Sundays or statutory holidays.

The following highlights some of the parking changes that will be implemented.

Time restrictions will include:

  • Commercial frontages – Typically two to four hours on-street pay parking.
  • Recreational frontages – Typically four hour time-limited or pay parking.
  • Higher density residential frontages – Typically two to four hour time-limited parking.
  • Mixed commercial/residential frontages – Typically two to four hour on-street pay parking.
  • Civic/Institutional frontages – Typically two to four hour on-street pay parking.

Technology for Parking Enforcement

The City is now using Automated Licence Plate Reader (ALPR) units to monitor City-controlled parking areas in the City Centre, Burquitlam-Lougheed and other busy areas.

Mounted to Bylaw Services vehicles, the units photograph licence plates and use pattern-recognition software and encrypted cellular technology to identify if vehicles should be ticketed for not paying, for parking too long, or for another parking violation.

Signs are posted at pay stations in all areas monitored by ALPRs. Drivers who do not wish to have their vehicle information recorded should park elsewhere.

Information downloaded to the system is limited to plate numbers, location, date and time, and is collected in compliance with B.C.’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FIPPA).

Questions about how the information is stored or used, may be directed to Bylaw Services, at 604-927-7387 or

Park and Ride

Designated on-street Park and Ride stalls and City-owned Park and Ride lots will cost 75 cents - $1.00 per hour, capping out at a maximum of $3.75 per day. The following Park and Ride options are available in Coquitlam:

  • City-owned Park and Ride lot at the southeast intersection of Pinetree Way and Guildford Way, with approximately 100 stalls in the lot, and a further 50+ designated Park and Ride stalls on the adjacent streets (for Lafarge Lake-Douglas station).
    • FEE: This lot and the designated Park and Ride on-street parking stalls cost 75 cents - $1.00 an hour and a daily maximum of $3.75. Parking is free on Sundays
  • City-owned Lincoln Park and Ride lot, at the northwest corner of Lincoln Ave. and Westwood St., with approximately 100 stalls (nearest Lincoln Station).
    • FEE: This lot has a fee of 75 cents an hour and a daily maximum fee of $3.75. Parking is free on Sundays.
  • TransLink owned and operated Coquitlam Central Station, 2920 Barnet Highway (at Lougheed), with more than 1,000 stalls (for Coquitlam Central SkyTrain and West Coast Express stations) and includes approximately 350 new stalls added next to Rona.
    • FEE: ​This lot ​costs $3/day and is in effect seven days a week.

    At this time there is no Park and Ride facility in close proximity to the Burquitlam Station. The City is working with the YMCA and other potential partners in this area to explore opportunities that could facilitate future Park and Ride amenities.

For information on the Evergreen Extension, visit TransLink’s website at

Those who have questions or concerns regarding parking ​around the Evergreen Extension stations may contact the Transportation Division of the Engineering and Public Works Department at

New Parking Regulations FAQ

Please refer to this FAQ document for any questions you have about the parking regulations implemented around the Evergreen Extension stations.

City Centre Area

A report on the implementation plan for on-street parking changes in the City Centre (Phase 1) in advance of the Evergreen Line opening was presented to Council-in-Committee for information on September 19, 2016. This report is available here. A further report will be presented later in fall 2016 for the Guildford Way and associated on-street Park and Ride facilities.

On September 8, 2016, the Province announced the funding of 150 new park-and-ride spaces for transit users at the Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station, which are expected to be available to commuters in December 2016. Parking Management Amendment Bylaw No. 4721, 2016 has been brought forward to Council for first, second and third readings on Nov. 7, 2016 to set the parking conditions and rates for the these spaces. These spaces will be in addition to TransLink’s 415 new park-and-ride stalls at Coquitlam Central Station.

The City hosted an information session on March 10, 2016 to present the strategy proposed to manage public parking in the City Centre area and to receive feedback. The display panels can be accessed here and a summary of the public feedback is available in a Staff Report dated May 24, 2016.

Burquitlam-Lougheed Area

A report on the implementation plan for on-street parking changes in the Burquitlam / Lower Lougheed Area (Phase 2) in advance of the Evergreen Line opening was presented to Council-in-Committee for information on October 17, 2016. This report is available here.

In late October 2016, a Proposed Parking Restrictions survey was sent to single family residences residing within 400 metres of the new Burquitlam Station. The letter sent out was to allow the residence the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the potential on-street parking changes.  The streets included in the survey were:

  • Gardena Drive; 
  • Claremont Street;
  • Elmwood Street;
  • Tyndall Street;
  • Regan Avenue; and,
  • Smith Avenue.

The 2 options provided for the residence are as follows:

  1. Convert the existing non restriction on-street parking to time restrictions.  The time restrictions would restrict parking to a 4 hour maximum, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00am and 3:00pm; or,
  2. Monitor parking in your neighbourhood after the opening of the Evergreen Line.  The street parking in your area would be monitored over a 3 to 6 month period, and then further consultation would occur, if needed.

Based on the residential responses of the survey, the results for all the streets noted above are to monitor the parking situation during the next 3 to 6 months.​

Inlet Centre Station – Port Moody

Although the Inlet Centre Station is located in Port Moody, the City will monitor on-street parking in Coquitlam areas close to this station to manage the impact to Coquitlam residents and businesses.

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