Park Finder

The Park Finder Tool makes searching for information on parks and amenities in Coquitlam easy.

Parks Programs

Coquitlam supports environmental stewardship and initiatives through many educational and special events, including the Bear Aware Program, Adopt a Trail Program, and Nature and Outdoor Pursuit Programs.

Trail System

Coquitlam's trail system totals over 90 km and includes a portion of the Trans Canada Trail. There are trail surfaces suited to all types of activity within a relatively short distance of all residents.

Planning & Construction

Coquitlam strives to meet the park and recreational needs of its residents. Learn about new park development projects underway in Coquitlam.

Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are non-native plants that spread and take over the natural environment. Learn about Coquitlam’s Bad Seed program and what steps residents can take to stop the spread of invasive species into natural areas.


Contributions to Coquitlam’s Park Gift Program serve as legacies and serve to enhance the beauty of the City’s parks. Any interested citizen, community group, business or visitor can make a financial contribution towards a variety of park amenities.

Park Spark

Park Spark is a new kind of volunteer program. It's your chance to have fun and gain meaningful experiences while participating in activities in Coquitlam’s parks.