Swimming & Aquatics

Whether you are looking for swimming lessons, want to become a lifeguard, or just looking for some space to swim lengths, we’ve got the program and facility for you. 

Jump in for a swim at any one of our indoor pools or cool off during the summer in our outdoor pools.

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Our Pools

Poirier Sport & Leisure Complex

City Centre Aquatic Complex 

ONE Pass CardDrop-In Schedules & Fees


ONE PASS provides access to all of our facilities and drop-in fitness programs, such as drop-in basketball, swimming and ice skating. 

Pool Schedules

These schedules are subject to change without notice. Please check for updates with the facility:​

Swim Instructor Courses

Water Safety Instructor (WSI)

Prepares the candidate to teach the Red Cross Swim Kids. Prerequisites: AWSI, 15+ years | Register Now!

Lifesaving Instructor (LSI)

Get the training you need to teach and evaluate the Canadian Swim Patrol program, Bronze programs, Fitness and Excellent programs. Includes practical teaching experience.16+ years | Register Now!

Lifeguard Flow ChartLifeguard Certification

Interested in becoming a lifeguard? Follow these steps to become a certified lifeguard.

Bronze Star

Basic lifesaving. Excellent preparations for success in Bronze Medallion. 8 – 12 years | Register Now

Bronze Medallion

Learn basic water rescue, first aid and resuscitation techniques. Prerequisites: 13+ Years or Bronze Star Register Now

Bronze Cross

Learn advanced lifesaving rescues and basic aquatic leadership skills. Prerequisites: All ages, Bronze Medallion | Register Now

Standard First Aid with CPR-C

Primary and secondary assessment skills, personal protective equipment, rescue breathing, one and two rescurer CPR and more! 14+ years | Register Now!

National Lifeguard: Pool

Gain an understanding of ​the principles, good judgment, communication skills and a mature and responsible attitude toward the role of a lifeguard. Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid with CPR C, 16+ years | Register Now

National Lifeguard: Water Park

Trains and prepares lifeguards in safety supervision and rescue in a waterpark environment. Prerequisites: NL Core & Pool Option issued within 2 years, recommend CPR C issued within a year, 16+ years |​ Register Now

Program Guide

Winter and Spring Program GuideWinter/Spring Program Guide 

Register now and stay active with the programs in our 2018 Winter/Spring Program Guide (download). 

Spring/Summer Program Guide

Coquitlam's Spring/Summer 2018 Program Guide will be available online on Wednesday, March 7. You can pick up a printed copy of the guide from our recreation facilities starting Monday, March 12. 

Registration for spring and summer programs (May to August) begins Wednesday, March 14 at 12 a.m. for online registration and 6 a.m. for in person or phone registration.