Development Permit Areas

Development Permit Areas are designated throughout the City for the following purposes:

  • The form and character of development, specifically:
    • intensive residential (duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes),
    • multi-family (townhouses, rowhouses, apartment)
    • commercial, and
    • industrial development;
  • Protection of watercourse areas;  and
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions (e.g., steep slopes).

Each Development Permit Area within the City has an associated set of Development Permit Guidelines. These guidelines are used to review Development Permit applications.

For more information about a specific Development Permit Area in the City, please select one of the links below.


Guidelines for the development of duplexes have been established citywide. If you are building a duplex in the City refer to the guidelines below.

City Centre

Development Permit areas have been established for the form and character of development for four areas within the City Centre.

Southwest Coquitlam

Several Development Permit Areas have been established under the Southwest Coquitlam Area Plan. All commercial, industrial and multi-family residential development within Southwest Coquitlam requires a Development Permit.

Northeast Coquitlam

There are two types of Development Permit Areas within Northwest Coquitlam.

Northwest Coquitlam

Within Northwest Coquitlam a Development Permit Area has been established to protect development from potential land slippage, erosion, flooding and for the form and character of development.