Single-Family Frontage Requirements

As redevelopment activity has ramped up in southwest Coquitlam, this has resulted in a variety of streetscape standards in the area. In order to address this, the City is proposing changes that  would require any single-family home built in southwest Coquitlam to either bring the adjacent streetscape to a modern urban standard – for example with curbs, sidewalks and rear lane improvements – or make a cash payment to be used for City-funded streetscape upgrades.

At the moment, streetscape upgrades are required for duplexes, triplexes and quadraplexes in the area, but not for one-for-one replacements of single-family homes. The proposed changes would not only increase fairness, but also ensure all construction activity in southwest Coquitlam contributes to the upgrading of the area’s streets to a consistent standard.

The proposed plan also includes the introduction of an annual works program for upgrading older roads in southwest Coquitlam neighbourhoods experiencing high levels of construction and population growth.

Some funding for the works program would come from cash-in-lieu payments by projects that meet certain criteria, such as if adjacent properties have a lesser streetscape standard and are unlikely to redevelop, or if there is a pending City or local improvement project planned.

Additional actions being considered by the City include:

  • Establishing a City capital works program that would make block-by-block street upgrades when funding is available; and
  • Establishing cost-recovery mechanisms for frontage works completed by the City in advance of the subdivision or development of adjacent properties.

Prior to final consideration of this initiative, Council instructed staff to undertake further public notification and the City also reached out to industry stakeholders such the Urban Development Institute, Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association and local area builders and developers. This consultation took place during September 2017. All input received will be considered before Council’s final deliberation of this initiative later this fall..