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Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS of BC) is the lead local agency for the settlement of Syrian refugees. If you are new to Canada or wish to learn more about ways you can contribute to helping those in need, visit


Council approved the City’s Multiculturalism Strategic Plan in July 2011. The Strategic Plan was developed under a matching grant with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The Plan focuses on change within the City organization to make the City more welcoming, inclusive and responsive to the increasingly diverse residents of Coquitlam.

The Plan Vision is: The City of Coquitlam values cultural diversity and will lead in the growth of Coquitlam as a welcoming and inclusive community.

The Themes of the Plan are to communicate, connect and include our diverse community in the life of the city.

Current Community Initiatives

The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership

The City of Coquitlam is a member of the Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership Council, which consists of representatives from different levels of government, education, libraries, employers, health, the Chamber of Commerce, and community and social service organizations. The TCLIP is responsible for developing a strategic plan, improving coordination of immigrant service delivery, identifying service needs and gaps for immigrants in the region, providing information on immigration trends and settlement needs, conducting community consultation, and working to influence and inform government and community stakeholders about program and policy development.

For more information on the TCLIP, and its Council Members, please visit the website at

Cultural Display Program - Share your Culture with Coquitlam!

Did you know City Hall has a location where you can display information about your culture!

Groups or individuals are encouraged to share their culture - City Hall has a location where you can display information about your culture.

All cultural displays:

  • Have an education benefit.
  • Promote Coquitlam’s cultural diversity.
  • Are available for public viewing for a minimum of one week.

The Cultural Displays in City Hall Policy contains detailed information on the definition of culture, the application and approval process, and the display criteria for all applicants. Please review the policy before submitting an application form.

Display Details  - up to two display case sections are available for use (84.5 cm wide x 128.5 cm high x 27 cm deep). All display components must fit within this space. Both groups and individuals are eligible to share their display.

In order to have your display considered, please complete the attached application form, or pick up a form at the City Clerk’s Office. You can return the form in person to the Planning & Development Department in City Hall, or via email:

Approval Process

A staff committee will review the applications received and applicants will be notified by the city by mail, or email, of the outcome of their applications by the end of March each year. You may be contacted by staff during the application review process if there are questions or concerns regarding your application.

Want to Learn More?

Contact Community Planning and / or download the application form.

Contact Information

If you would like further information, please contact:

Cathy van Poorten, Social Planner
Phone: 604-927-3411

Tasha Henderson, Social Planner
Phone: 604-927-3471


Planning & Development Department
Phone: 604-927-3430