Gatensbury Street Improvement Project

The City upgraded Gatensbury Street from the Port Moody border to Como Lake Park (Regan Ave.) as a part of the City’s Frontage Works Program. This project improved overall road safety, enhance pedestrian and cycling safety, as well as accessibility, and improve access to Como Lake Park.

Improvements included:

  • Curb and gutter with curb extensions
  • Crosswalk improvements
  • A 3.0-metre asphalt multi-use pathway along the west side of the road
  • A concrete sidewalk on the east side of the road
  • On-street parking pockets
  • Street and pathway lighting
  • New landscaped boulevard areas with sod and street trees

Safety Improvements

Gatensbury Street is an important collector road and a well-used walking and cycling route for both the City of Coquitlam and City of Port Moody. Pedestrian and cyclist safety is improved with:

  • A new sidewalk
  •  A multi-use pathway
  • Treed boulevards to separate pedestrians from vehicles
  •  Curb extensions to reduce crossing distances
  • New crosswalk signs and markings

The street has new curbs and curb extensions that narrow the street from the existing conditions.


This project was funded from a number of sources:

  • City’s annual Frontage Works Program,
  • City’s annual Bicycle Route Upgrade Program, and
  • TransLink Grant (for bicycle route upgrades).


Improvements on Gatensbury Street began the week of June 13, 2022 and have now completed. 

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