Durant Linear Park


City Centre

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A new section to the stairs at Durant Linear Park adds 212 steps climbing the 110-foot elevation, a great alternative to the popular Coquitlam Crunch. The built-in multi-use pathway creates a more accessible route for bikers to utilize as well. Over 10,450 plants and 92 trees were installed along the park pathway.

This expansion of the Durant Linear Park was made possible through Intracorp’s Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) for the Aalto Townhomes project and provides better pedestrian connection within the neighbourhood and facilitates improved access to amenities such as public transit stops and parks.

In conjunction with this project, the City also made improvements to the existing linear park corridor between Dupont Place and Durant Drive, and is planning future improvement to the section between Durant Drive and Nash Drive by winter 2020, which will update the entirety of the linear park corridor.

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