Community Support and Recovery Plan

Supporting our Community through the COVID-19 Pandemic

In spring 2020, the City of Coquitlam launched the COVID-19 Community Support and Recovery Plan (CSRP) to foster community resilience and recovery by providing direct relief to residents, businesses, not-for-profit groups and other organizations.

The CSRP was developed as an umbrella plan that enabled the City to provide support at the local level, and in tandem with supports provided by other orders of government. The plan also recognized that not all community members who need help or provide value are property owners. The multi-phased framework supported all sectors of the community with projects and initiatives within the jurisdiction of local government. 

Coquitlam Council allocated an initial $5-million from reserve funds to launch the plan in anticipation of emerging needs and opportunities. 

To promote economic recovery, the City sought federal and provincial stimulus funding for City capital projects to provide jobs and promote economic recovery. The provincial BC Safe Restart Grant supported CSRP initiatives through $1.7 million in funding. The CSRP’s assessment framework helped direct funding to feasible activities complementary to the measures of other jurisdictions. 

The program has concluded with a total service value of $3.9 million. The remaining unspent CSRP funding allocation was returned to the City Initiatives Reserve.

In the fall of 2021, the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) recognized the effectiveness of the CSRP in responding to community needs during the pandemic by awarding the program the Presidents Committee Choice Award.

Read the staff reports: 

CSRP Initiatives

A range of supports was rolled out through the CSRP’s implementation (see tabs below). View this framework (PDF) for an overview of supports that were considered through the program.

  1. Completed Initiatives
  2. Evaluation Criteria

CSRP initiatives that took place in 2020-2021 included:

  • Grants for not-for-profits and other community groups for revenue replacement or pandemic response
  • Grants to the City's cultural partners for COVID-19 activities (early 2021)
  • Pop-up Green Street pilot program in the spring to encourage safe outdoor social interaction and support local businesses (early spring 2021)
  • Free use of temporary outdoor shelters in public spaces for community activities
  • Deferring 2020 property tax and utility deadlines to Sept. 30
  • Free online recreation programs
  • Grants for physically-distant block parties
  • Paid opportunities for businesses and organizations to participate in civic events, such as Coquitlam Celebrates Canada Day
  • Reduced drop-in recreation activity fees
  • Temporary waiver of late fees for 2020 business licences
  • Relaxed temporary sign regulations for businesses
  • Modified block party program with grants for safe celebrations (spring and summer 2021)
  • Meals for Seniors delivery and pickup program
  • A temporary program allowing businesses to expand their services outdoors
  • Deferring some security fees for construction projects
  • Financial contributions to SHARE's food and rent banks totaling $50,000 (fall 2020, repeated in 2021)
  • New public Wi-Fi spots at Galloway Park, Brookmere Park, the Mundy Park dog park and the Blue Mountain Park tennis courts
  • Additional economic development initiatives to support local businesses (throughout 2021)