Outdoor Activities

You can still enjoy Coquitlam parks and trails while physically distancing safely, and there’s lots you can do in your own backyard too! Here you’ll find tips and guides, virtual block parties, gardening and backyard videos and more.

  1. Bloom of the Week
  2. Walk, Hike or Bike
  3. Go Fishing
  4. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  5. Garden Mocktails (video)
  6. Hug a Tree
  7. Fitness at the Park (video)
  8. Coquitlam Outdoor Photo Hunt
  9. Rock Art Garden

Flowering Quince


Common Name: Sweetbox 

Scientific Name: Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis     

Fun Facts:

  • The fragrant flowers of Sweetbox bloom in late winter/early spring.
  • This shade loving, evergreen shrub is best placed near an entrance-way for the fragrance to be enjoyed. 

What’s blooming in your winter garden? Let us know by tagging #CoquitlamSPIRIT on social media.