How can I determine what level is right for me?

Use the conversion chart to determine what level is appropriate for you or your child based on age, ability and previous Red Cross Swim Kids level (if applicable).

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1. Why is Coquitlam transitioning to a new learn to swim provider?
2. Why is the Canadian Red Cross no longer offering aquatic programming?
3. Who is the new learn to swim programming provider?
4. When will the new Swim for Life programming be available?
5. When can I register for the new programs?
6. How can I determine what level is right for me?
7. If I completed Red Cross Swim Kids programs previously, will my pre-requisites be saved in the system?
8. I have reviewed the conversion chart but I am still unsure what level to register for. What should I do?
9. Can I register for more than one swimming lesson at a time?
10. Can I still take Red Cross Swim Kids or other aquatic programming now?
11. How long will classes be?
12. How much will lessons cost?
13. What programs are available for youth?
14. What will I get when I complete a Swim for Life class?