Why are you reopening indoor facilities now?

Coquitlam’s gradual reopening has been guided by its four-stage Phased Reopening Framework, developed with health and safety as the priority and careful consideration of staffing, financial and other impacts.

Based on B.C.’s Restart Plan and direction from the Provincial Health Officer, the City is proceeding with Stage 3 of its reopening plan that will allow pre-registered access to recreation at arenas, indoor pools, community centres and other facilities.

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1. Why are you reopening indoor facilities now?
2. Why do I have to pre-register?
3. What should I expect when I come to a facility?
4. Do I have to pay for parking?
5. What safety measures do you have in place?
6. Where do I enter the facility?
7. How long are sessions?
8. Can I use the washroom at the facility?
9. Can I use a changeroom at the facility?
10. Can I eat at the cafe?
11. Why do I have to leave right after my class?
12. Is it safe to swim in the pool?
13. Why isn’t the sauna open? (steamroom, hot tub, water features, etc.)
14. Can I rent helmets and skates?
15. When will the pavilions be open?
16. When will all facilities reopen?
17. When does my ONEPASS Membership extension begin?
18. What is the best way to access the most up-to-date information?
19. Can I rent space in the facility for my team to play?
20. I'm not ready to return to indoor facilities yet. Are you still offering virtual programming?
21. Are you producing a Program Guide for the fall?