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Environmental Achievement Awards Nomination Form


  1. 1. Awards Information
  2. 2. Nominee Information
  3. 3. Nominator Details
  4. 4. Nomination Summary
  5. 5. Eligibility Criteria
  6. 6. Agreement & Submittal
  • Awards Information

    1. Are you an environmental champion, or do you know one?
      The Environmental Achievement Awards recognize individuals and groups who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to promoting, preserving and enhancing Coquitlam’s natural environment.
    2. Supporting Documents
      Supporting documents strengthen a nomination and can be emailed to or can be mailed or dropped off at Coquitlam City Hall reception. These documents can include photos, newsletters, newspaper articles, video clips, certificates, etc.
    3. Deadline
      Deadline for nominations is ​May 1, 20​20.