Community Benefits

Through the Coquitlam Corporate Partners program, the City will form partnerships with businesses that share our values and are the right fit for our community. We are looking for partners who can add value to the experience of the many people who use our facilities and participate in City programs and events.

The revenue generated by the Coquitlam Corporate Partners program will be invested back into City programs and services.

Our residents will benefit from new or improved services, better maintained and equipped facilities, and access to more low-cost programs.

Some of our most popular events already benefit from the support of business partners.

For example, Envision Financial sponsors our new summer concert series that will take place at Town Centre Plaza. We would acknowledge the support of our many sponsors to our popular Canada Day celebration, who are integral to the event's success.

Coquitlam Corporate Partners builds on this foundation to generate additional revenue so we can enhance our programs and events – without raising taxes or user fees.

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More questions? Download our list of frequently asked questions about the Coquitlam Corporate Partner program.

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Please contact us and we can start the discussion about how a partnership with the City of Coquitlam can promote awareness of your organization and bring tangible community-enhancing benefits to your target audience.

Kerri Lore – Community Partnerships & Policy Manager
Phone: 604-927-3587