Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is Coquitlam Corporate Partners?

Coquitlam Corporate Partners is a marketing partnership program that generates additional revenue for the City, enabling it to enhance the programs, services and events available to residents.

How does an organization benefit by becoming a Corporate Partner?

This is an exciting opportunity for corporations to have their name associated with City of Coquitlam facilities, events and programs.Organizations will raise their profile in the community, build increased awareness of their brand, potentially attract new customers and position themselves as a valuable community partner and Coquitlam supporter.

Which marketing opportunities are available?

See our Partnership Opportunities page for the full list.

Which types of companies does the City partner with?

The City ​forms marketing partnerships with businesses that share our values and are the right fit for our community. We look for partners who can add value to the experience of the many people who use our facilities and participate in City programs and events.

How will the City spend the revenues from this program?

Revenue from Coquitlam Corporate Partners ​is used to maintain or improve City programs and services, without the need to charge additional user fees or raise taxes. The City uses this revenue to enhance cultural and recreational opportunities available within Coquitlam and to help fund facility operations and maintenance.

Do other municipalities have similar programs?

Yes. Many Canadian cities are entering into partnerships with organizations to bring in additional revenue without burdening their residents with increased user fees or higher taxes.

How is this program different from the City’s donation program?

Many individuals and organizations donate cash, property or in-kind gifts to the City, for which they may be eligible for an official charitable donation receipt. Donors do not receive any marketing benefits in return for their donation. The Coquitlam Corporate Partners program, on the other hand, is a marketing partnership between the City and an organization with the goal of bringing mutually beneficial long-term value to the City, the organization and Coquitlam’s residents.

Partner questions

We already sponsor other organizations. How will partnering with the City of Coquitlam fit into our marketing plan?

A marketing partnership with the City of Coquitlam is a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with a diverse audience. Our services, programs and facilities are used by youth, families, adults and seniors who together represent the full diversity of our city in terms of age, interests and background. A marketing partnership with the City is a very powerful way to reach these audiences – in person, in print, online and through any other activation strategies your business implements.

What makes Coquitlam residents a valuable audience?

Coquitlam residents are active, healthy and involved in their community. We’re the sixth-largest city in B.C. – home to over 140,000 people who rank among the highest in the province in terms of overall health and education levels. And with higher family incomes and a more affordable cost of living than other nearby municipalities, Coquitlam residents have the resources to play sports, attend cultural events, explore parks and green spaces, and participate fully in our dynamic community. They support businesses that are good neighbours and that help make Coquitlam the most desirable place to live in Metro Vancouver.

What are the benefits of becoming a Coquitlam Corporate Partner?

As a Coquitlam Corporate Partner, you can reach current and future customers quickly and easily. This marketing partnership with the City supports the value of your brand and ours, and it adds value to the experience of your target audience – the people using Coquitlam’s facilities, participating in a program and enjoying an event with their families, friends and neighbours.

How much will it cost for my organization to sponsor a city program or secure naming rights to a facility?

We will work with you to customize a marketing partnership program that enables you to meet your specific goals. The cost will depend on various factors, including the nature of the opportunity, whether you are seeking exclusive sponsorship rights, the length of the agreement, your plans for an activation campaign and other issues.

We’re interested! ​What now?

Please contact us to learn more about how being a Coquitlam Corporate Partner can strengthen your public relations and marketing strategy. ​Call 604-927-35​87 or email

Resident questions

Will I see lower tax bills or user fees as a result of this program?

This program will allow the City to enhance its programs, services and events, without having to increase taxes or user fees. While it is unlikely that we will be able to lower taxes and fees, our intent is for residents to continue enjoying the City’s facilities, programs and events at the same cost. Residents will benefit from new and improved services, better maintained and equipped facilities, and more low-cost programs.

There’s already so much advertising out there. Do we really need to see more advertising in our City buildings?

The Coquitlam Corporate Partner program will benefit our entire community. Revenues will be used to maintain or improve the programs and services that are so popular with our residents. We will ensure that the marketing partnerships we establish with organizations enhance the experience of City events, programs and facilities. The City will form marketing partnerships with businesses that share our values and are the right fit for our community.

Does Coquitlam have a sponsorship policy?

Yes. The City has developed a Sponsorship and Advertising Policy that provides guidelines for generating revenue opportunities while safeguarding the City’s brand, values, image, assets and interests. This comprehensive policy outlines the conditions that apply when entering into a marketing partnership, including conflict of interest, privacy issues, restrictions on the types of organizations that can become Coquitlam Community Partners, use of revenue and much more.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any other questions or if you would like more information on the Coquitlam Corporate Partners Program.

Kerri Lore – Community Partnerships & Policy Manager
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