Annual Report

The Annual Report contains important information related to City operations including a financial overview, highlights and accomplishments, and progress being made on Council’s strategic goals each year.

Citywide Official Community Plan

The Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP) is a comprehensive plan that guides the overall future of the City and provides a broad framework for managing future change.

Coquitlam Film Strategy

Coquitlam's Film Strategy provides the guidance needed to effectively manage and build Coquitlam's Film Program.

Coquitlam Tourism Strategy

The Coquitlam Tourism Strategy is the framework of key areas of focus and goals to be implemented over the next five years to develop the tourism sector in Coquitlam.

Economic Action Plan

Building on Coquitlam's strengths, the City developed an Economic Action Plan to enhance long-term fundamentals of the local economy and to better position Coquitlam as part of the regional economy.

Financial Plan

The Financial Plan ensures responsible money management and relates directly to the priorities identified by the community.

Housing Affordability Strategy

Through the Housing Affordability Strategy, Coquitlam's goal is to work with partners from the non-profit, private and public sectors to ensure that a wide variety of housing types, sizes, tenures and prices can be offered in Coquitlam in the years to come.

Multiculturalism Strategic Plan

Council approved the City’s Multiculturalism Strategic Plan in July 2011. The Plan was developed under a matching grant with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Strategic Plan

Coquitlam's Strategic Plan is goal-oriented and includes the City's vision, mission, values and five strategic goals that build on the four cornerstones supporting the City's vision – Live, Work, Plan and Leadership.

Strategic Transportation Plan

The Strategic Transportation Plan is a comprehensive and multi-modal Plan developed in consultation with the public. It serves as a "road map" for Coquitlam’s transportation system over the next 20 and beyond.

Transit-Oriented Development Strategy

The Evergreen Line represents a significant, long term transportation investment in Coquitlam and a key city building opportunity.