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Arts & Culture

In 2009, Coquitlam was designated a Cultural Capital of Canada in recognition of the contribution of culture to the community’s identity, quality of life and economic development.

Coquitlam offers a rich history and a growing arts and cultural community. Cultural sites and centres like the Evergreen Cultural Centre, Place Maillardville, Mackin House, Place des Arts and many others, provide a wide array of cultural experiences and adventure.

The City of Coquitlam has also become a popular destination for festivals and events with over 100 events occurring each year. Whether it is the Festival du Bois, Treefest, the BC Highland Games, the Canada Day Celebration at Lafarge Lake, or the Korean Cultural Heritage Day Festival, there is something for everyone to enjoy at anytime of the year.

Parks & Trails

Coquitlam has excellent access to natural areas including provincial, regional and municipal parks such as:

  • Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park - 38,000 hectare park that provides access to excellent hiking and canoeing opportunities.
  • Minnekhada Regional Park - 175 hectare park that features trails, picnic facilities and wildlife areas.
  • Colony Farm Regional Park - 404 hectare park that provides hiking and cycling trails, access to waterways (Fraser and Coquitlam Rivers), community gardens and wildlife areas.
  • Mundy Park - 430 acres (Coquitlam's largest forested park) includes walking trails and two scenic lakes, Mundy lake and Lost Lake. There are also sportsfields, an outdoor swimming pool, a disc golf area and a playground.  

The City of Coquitlam has over 80 municipal Parks and Natural Areas totaling over 2,200 acres. The parks and trails include features ranging from picnic areas and playgrounds, to outdoor pools, spray parks, sportsfields and skateboard parks.

Coquitlam is also home to the regionally famous Coquitlam Crunch, the 2km trail located under the Hydro Right of Way in the Eagle Ridge and Eagle Mountain areas. This trail connects Eagle Ridge Park to Eagle Mountain Park and has a challenging elevation gain of 250 metres. There is a viewpoint and rest area halfway up the trail. Parking is available off Lansdowne Drive.

Recreation Centres & Facilities

The City of Coquitlam has a variety of high-quality community centres, pools, librariessports arena and sportsfields. The award-winning $50-milion Poirier Sports and Leisure Complex upgrade is the most recent City investment in an expanding network of civic facilities dedicated to recreation that also includes Town Centre Park and the City Centre Aquatic Centre.

Five Active and Adventurous Activities in Coquitlam

If you pursue an active lifestyle – whether to stay healthy or simply because you enjoy physical activity – you’ll find plenty to do in Coquitlam. Here are five ways to get active in Coquitlam.

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  • Step it Up on the Coquitlam Crunch

  • Take it Indoors – Indoor Recreation

  • Go Golf in Coquitlam

  • Train on Our Trails

  • Come for the Birds – Birdwatching in Coquitlam

Five Fabulous and Free Activities in Coquitlam

Great experiences don’t have to cost a bundle – or any money at all. Here’s a round-up of five ways to enjoy yourself in Coquitlam without having to dip into your wallet.

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  • Get Outdoors on Our Parks and Trails

  • We Have Festivals and Events Galore

  • Get Fresh at the Farmers Market

  • History Comes Alive at Mackin House Museum

  • Check Out Rare Trees at the Riverview Arboretum

Five Ways to Find Family Fun in Coquitlam

In search of family fun? Coquitlam is the place for family-friendly activities, from outdoor escapades to indoor quality time. Here are five ways to enjoy yourselves in Coquitlam on your next family day.

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  • Cool Off at Our Pools and Spray Parks

  • Find a New Fishing Hole

  • Plenty of Choice at the Schoolhouse Tourism Cluster

  • Enjoy Some Quiet Time at Our Libraries

  • Cheer on Your Team at a Sporting Event

Five Wonderful Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Coquitlam

Rain keeps Coquitlam green and clean. While we don’t let a little rain stop us from getting outside in Coquitlam, it’s also a great excuse to explore our many indoor offerings that will keep you entertained. Here are five wonderful ways to spend your next rainy day.

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  • Indulge in Some Shopping Therapy

  • Enjoy a Leisurely Lunch

  • Experience the Arts at Evergreen Cultural Centre

  • SPARC Your Curiosity at the Radio Museum

  • Try Your Luck at the Casino

Five ways to flaunt your Frenchness in Coquitlam

In Maillardville, everything from street names to community events point to the area’s rich, colourful history as the first and largest francophone community west of the Rockies – making this vibrant Coquitlam neighbourhood the perfect place to explore local French-Canadian culture.

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  • Place des Arts

  • Place Maillardville

  • Festival du Bois

  • Societe francophone de Maillardville

  • St. Jean Baptiste Day

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