Firefighter Requirements

Career Firefighter Recruitment

The City of Coquitlam is accepting formal applications for Career Firefighter positions between Jan. 17 and Feb. 23, 2018.

Please refer to the City’s Career Opportunities page as well as LinkedIn, CivicInfoBC and other communication channels as appropriate.

Candidates are encouraged to carefully consider their qualifications against the stated requirements prior to completing and submitting their application. Order of selection will be based on a competitive process where candidates that exemplify all requirements for the position of Firefighter will be selected first.


  • Jan. 1​7, 2018 Application Process begins
  • Feb. 1, 2018 VO2 Max Testing with Fortius opens
  • Feb. 23, 2018 Application process closes (all documentation must be submitted by ​5 p.m.. Please refer below to the section: Required Documentation Upon Application)
  • April ​27, 2018 VO2 Max Testing closes
  • May 12, 2018 Firefighter Challenge Skills Testing
  • May 26, 2018 Fitness Components Testing 
  • May 27, 2018 Psychological/Aptitude Testing
  • June 18-29, 2018 Interviews


Candidates should be aware that changes to the City’s required and preferred qualifications may be modified due to changes in the industry so it is important to check the qualifications before applying. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant with legal entitlement to work in Canada.
  • Must be at least 19 years of age on the date of application.
  • Completion of High School or GED. 
  • Valid Class 3 B.C. Driver’s License without restrictions, with airbrake endorsement and a good driving record. More than 6 points is considered excessive and applicants will not be considered.
  • No conviction of a relevant criminal offense for which a pardon has not been granted.
  • First aid certification (WCB Occupational First Aid Level-1) or equivalent.
  • Physically and psychologically fit to perform the position of Firefighter. 
  • Successful completion of an approved Firefighter training program resulting in the completion of a NFPA 1001 Level 1 and 2 Certification.  (Proof of transcript and certification must be submitted with application displaying Pro Board or IFSAC accreditation.) PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT HUMAN RESOURCES TO INQUIRE WHAT COURSES ARE CONSIDERED PART OF THE NFPA 1001 Level 1 & 2 certification and which courses are “other" fire related courses. You will need to contact the issuing agency to obtain this information.
  • Candidates must reside in one of the following cities upon commencing employment:

Coquitlam | Port Coquitlam | Port Moody | Burnaby | New Westminster | Vancouver
Maple Ridge
| Pitt Meadows | Surrey | North Vancouver - City | North Vancouver - District
| Richmond | Langley - City | Langley – Township

Within permissible boundaries: West Vancouver | White Rock | Abbotsford | Mission | Chilliwack

  • Depending on the needs for Coquitlam Fire/Rescue, an eligibility list may be created for a limited period of time.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Successful completion of one year or minimum of 30 credits from a recognized post-secondary institution (academic/technical/trades courses) relevant to the operations of fire services over and above NFPA Firefighter 1 and 2.
  • Additional Fire Service related courses not included in NFPA 1001 Level 1 and 2.
  • Valid First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, Primary Care Paramedic or equivalent licence.
  • Accumulated work experience related to the needs of the Fire Service such as auxiliary firefighting, forestry firefighting, and/or, paramedic experience. 


The following documentation must accompany your application on or before ​5 p.m. Feb. 23, 2018:

  • Résumé
  • High School Diploma or Equivalency
  • Driver’s Abstract dated within 30 days from the date of application
  • First Aid Certificate (WCB Occupational First Aid Level 1 or Equivalent)
  • NFPA 1001 Level 1 and 2 certification (Pro Board or IFSAC accreditation only)
  • Other relevant documentation as described under “Preferred Qualifications” such as transcripts, certificate/diploma/degree

(Applications that do not contain the required documentation will not be moved forward in the recruitment process. Candidates who upload their application will have an opportunity to modify or add documents provided they do so by the time/date of the posting close.)


  • Candidates are requested to complete an online application process by creating a candidate profile through our Career Opportunities page at ​ and uploading their resume, references, and pertinent documents. Only those shortlisted to the next phase of the recruitment process will be contacted.
  • Candidates will undergo firefighter skills, fitness and psychological/aptitude testing.
  • NEW: VO2 max Testing:
    We have added a VO2 max test to this process which is a new addition to the firefighter recruitment process. You will be asked to complete a maximal aerobic capacity test at Fortius Sport and Health in Burnaby, B.C.. This test will require you to wear a weighted vest (22kg) and complete a warm-up, progressive walk protocol, and cool down on a treadmill. You can expect to exercise at 3.5 miles per hour between 0% and 24% grade.

    You will be asked to wear a one-way non-rebreathing mouthpiece during this test (much like a scuba mouthpiece) and nose clip while your expired gases are collected and analyzed by a metabolic chart. A chest strap heart rate monitor will also be worn to monitor your heart rate throughout the duration of the test and to monitor heart rate recovery during the cool down.

    The appointment should take approximately 45 minutes, with the exercise portion taking approximately 20-25 minutes including warm-up and cool down. Please come to the appointment wearing comfortable exercise clothing and appropriate footwear for walking on a treadmill. The fee for this test is $125 + GST, payable at the time of booking. VO2 max test results will be collected by Fortius and submitted to the City of Coquitlam on the applicant’s behalf. Applicants will be required to sign a waiver and information sharing consent.
  • Please contact Victoria Brigden at the Fortius Lab to book your appointment and receive further information about how to prepare for this test. Victoria can be reached at 604-292-2503 or
  • Upon successful completion of the above, shortlisted candidates will be required to undergo a medical assessment by our physician.
  • Please note: candidates may be eliminated from consideration at several stages in the recruiting / testing process. See the RECRUITMENT SCHEDULE – 2018 for more information on estimated timelines of the recruitment process.


Q. How do I apply to be a Firefighter?

A. During an open competition, applications are accepted online at the City of Coquitlam’s Career Opportunities page.

Q. What are the qualifications needed to be a Firefighter?

A. The minimum and preferred qualifications for a Firefighter, can be found above.

Q. What is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)?

A. The NFPA serves as the world’s leading advocate of fire prevention, establishing codes and standards for Firefighters and fire safety.

Q. What is the NFPA 1001 level 1 and 2?

A. NFPA 1001 is the nationally recognized standard for the training of professional Firefighters. It identifies professional levels of competency required of fire department members, especially the requirements for entrance into the fire service.

Q. What is IFSAC accreditation?

A. As the governing body in North America, the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) ensures that standards set by the NFPA are maintained by fire training academies that administer their programs.

Q. Does the Coquitlam Fire/Rescue prefer that a candidate receive their NFPA 1001 level 1 and 2 training from a particular fire academy?

A. We do not favour one academy over another. All candidates must ensure that the academy they attend is IFSAC and/or ProBoard accredited.

Q. If I have only partially completed, or just registered for any of my licences or certifications, can I still apply?

A. No. You must have completed all of the required qualifications to be eligible to apply for a position.

Q. Are there any courses that the City of Coquitlam recommends that will help me strengthen my résumé?

A. We do not recommend any particular courses. However, we do recommend that each candidate reviews the Firefighter requirements described above.

Q. Can a Firefighter who is employed in another municipality interchange or transfer their position to the City of Coquitlam?

A. All applicants, regardless of previous training or experience, must apply to the City of Coquitlam as an entry-level Firefighter. There are no transfers between municipalities. If successful, all new Firefighter employees begin a 12 month probationary period.

Q. Does the Coquitlam Fire/Rescue recruit other positions other than Firefighter personnel?

A. Yes, all support positions are filled through the City of Coquitlam’s Human Resources Division. Please visit the City Coquitlam’s Career Opportunities page regularly for newly posted vacancies.

Q. Can interested persons ride along with fire personnel to learn more about the Firefighter position?

A. Presently, the City of Coquitlam Fire/Rescue does not offer ride alongs to non-fire personnel.

Q. Where can I obtain the NFPA 1001 certification?

A. There are a number of academies located across North America that are certified to deliver the NFPA 1001 program. Candidates should ensure that the academy they select is International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or ProBoard accredited. Make sure to ask the academy or check the IFSAC and ProBoard websites at and

Q. Is the City accepting applications for Auxiliary Firefighter Recruitment?

A. No. Due to increased demand for career firefighters, the City is not accepting applications for Auxiliary Fire​fighters. This may be subject to change in the future. Please monitor this web page for future updates.

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