Seasonal & Auxiliary Employment

Temporary Full Time

Temporary full time employment is a non-permanent work assignment that requires full time hours (35 or 40 hours/week) for a set period of time with the hours and days of work usually predetermined. The work performed is typically unionized and seasonal in nature but may be assigned to cover maternity/paternity and other leaves, special project work or for occasions when work volume has increased.


Auxiliary employment provides coverage for vacation leaves, special project work or for dealing with increases in work volume and may be seasonal in nature. This type of employment is non-permanent and may be, scheduled to work days, evenings and/or weekends. There may be a predetermined schedule but on other occasions, the work may be on-call with the weekly hours varying greatly depending on the individual assignment.


Casual work refers to on-call work that falls outside of the union bargaining unit.  Typically, the work performed by casual staff is recreational in nature such as a fitness instructor, birthday party leader, piano instructor, etc. Hourly rates vary with the role and the relevant experience required.

When We Advertise for Seasonal & Auxiliary Employment

Advertisement, recruitment and hiring of seasonal vacancies (spring / summer/ fall) varies. Typically though, seasonal opportunities are visible on the City’s website, CivicInfo and/or local newspapers as early as February. To ensure you are informed of all job opportunities, please review our website frequently or subscribe to our “Job Notification” service on the “Register with Us” tab, which will alert you to vacancies of interest.

Please note: we do not generally source applicant information provided as part of the on-line registration process where no particular job has been selected. You are required to apply with a separate resume to any advertised job opportunities that interest you.

Why Start as Temporary or Auxiliary?

Commencing your employment with the City as temporary or auxiliary status helps you gain exposure to the functions, cultures and people within our various departments. By potentially working in numerous departments, you are able to assess your preferences and examine new areas you may wish to pursue. Additionally, as an employee, you will be gaining “Coquitlam” experience that may help you when applying for permanent full time or part time positions.