City Mobile App

Coquitlam Connect

The City of Coquitlam is launching a new mobile app to help you access City services and information on the go. Thank you to everyone who participated in the vote to choose a name for the new app – by a large margin, the winning name was Coquitlam Connect. Look for the new app launching in June, and download it from the App Store ​or Google Play.

About the app

Check out Coquitlam Connect for information on community events, programs, services and notifications for wildlife sightings and local emergencies. The app will also allow you to choose the content you want to keep up to date with by favouriting the news, events, and content you are most interested in.

The City also offers two other mobile apps: the Recollect app provides curbside collection schedules and garbage, green waste and recycling information, and the Whoosh app is a quick and easy way to pay for parking in City-owned lots in Coquitlam. Both apps will be accessible within the new City app.

More to come

Last year, the City adopted a Technology Roadmap which guides how the City will choose, acquire and use technology for the next five years to enhance community life and City services.

Along with this new City app, other initiatives underway include expansion of public WiFi services in parks, facilities and public spaces; interactive touchscreen kiosks or “community hubs” with wayfinding and tourism point-of-interest information; and the use of virtual reality for planning future development.