Finance & Technology

The Finance & Technology Department is responsible for providing leadership and support to promote the financial wellbeing of the City and systems to support the information and communications technology needs.

The primary goal of the department is to ensure fiscal responsibility and good stewardship of the City’s assets. This is accomplished by providing long-term financial planning, annual budget development, property tax and utility calculation and collection, treasury and cash management, information systems services and support, purchasing expertise and administration, as well as statutory financial reporting.

The department is made up of the following:

Financial Services

The Accounting and Financial Reporting Division is responsible for the statutory reporting requirements of the City. This includes responsibility for the systems of transaction reporting that enables the preparation of the City’s year-end Financial Statements and published Annual Report; trimester reports to Council, as well as the internal financial reporting system used for management purposes. This division also oversees the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions for the organization.

Financial Planning

The Budgets Division is responsible for Financial Planning for the City. This includes the preparation of the City’s annual Five-Year Financial Plan, which includes the City’s Operating, Utility and Capital budgets. This division also provides the financial analysis required to support corporate-wide initiatives, such as business planning and other strategic initiatives.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) staff support all of the City’s integrated software applications and coordinate telecommunications requirements, such as phones and mobile devices. They engage in the long-term capital and strategic planning for hardware and software acquisitions for the City of Coquitlam and provide technical support to the City’s Internet and Intranet applications. The Manager, ICT also supports QNet, a municipal corporation owned by the City of Coquitlam, which enables community access to fibre optics and competitive telecommunications services.

Payroll Division

The Payroll Division is responsible for the accurate and timely preparation of employee pay in accordance with Federal and Provincial legislation, various collective agreements and City policies. This division is also responsible for the remittance and reporting of statutory deductions, preparation of T4s and Records of Employment, as well as remittance and reporting of other non-statutory deductions, including pension and union dues.

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services required by the City. This includes contracts for construction, consulting services and all non-inventory items. This division is also responsible for the Stores section, which manages the City’s inventory requirements to support the City’s Parks and Public Works programs and services.

Revenue Services Division

The Revenue Services Division is responsible for the collection and management of all City revenues. This includes property tax billing and collection; annual residential utility (water, sewer, garbage/recycling) charges and metered utility billings; grants-in-lieu of taxes; provincial homeowner grants; local improvement charges; and the payment of taxes collected for other taxing authorities, such as School Taxes, B.C. Assessment, Municipal Finance Authority, Translink (transit) and Metro Vancouver.

The Revenue Services Division is also responsible for the Treasury function, which manages City investments to achieve a competitive rate of return on investments while minimizing risk and ensuring adequate cash flow is available to meet the needs of the City’s annual work plans.

In addition to providing support to all the City departments noted above, the General Manager of Finance & Technology also acts as the City liaison with the RCMP.

Finance & Technology

General Manager - Michelle Hunt
Phone: 604-927-3931