Coquitlam Fire & Rescue


Coquitlam Fire/Rescue (CFR) provides emergency response to structure fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle incidents, public assistance requests, and animal rescues all adding to the service to our citizens.

Additionally, CFR provides emergency response and specialized technical rescues such as those involving heights, industry, SkyTrain, confined space, trench and water. Hazardous Materials incidents at railways, trucking or other modes of transport are mitigated by highly-trained, equipped and certified personnel operating out of the Austin Heights Fire Hall. CFR is also trained and equipped in wildland urban interface firefighting and can provide exterior structural sprinkler protection in that environment.

Emergency Program

The Emergency Program Manager is responsible for coordinating the emergency planning of all internal and external resources to address any man-made or natural disaster that may occur in the city. Emergency preparedness includes the preparation and planning to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of Coquitlam citizens and to provide effective response and recovery as much as possible. 

Fire Prevention, Education and Investigation

CFR is very active in promoting Fire Prevention and Education Programs, which aid in reducing the number of fire-related injuries or death and property loss. Citizens benefit from various prevention programs such as school education, fire extinguisher training, fire reduction instruction, juvenile fire setter intervention, public relation events and post-emergency "After the Fire" visits.

As well as their commitment to public life safety, fire prevention staff are also trained to conduct fire investigations for cause determination as well as prepare pre-incident plans and conduct plan checking for new construction compliance to the Fire Code related to life-safety issues.

Training Division

CFR maintains a training division to coordinate, train, schedule and document the multitude of licensed, certified training and education that is required for a full-service, career fire department.

Coquitlam Fire & Rescue

Phone: 604-927-6400