City Manager’s Office

The City Manager’s Office in municipal government operates much like an executive office in a corporation, overseeing the broad requirements of the organization, with the City Manager as Chief Administrative Officer. The City Manager attends meetings of Council and is responsible for providing advice to Council and executing their decisions.

The City Manager works with the Deputy City Manager and all departments to ensure effective and efficient delivery of City services. Periodically, the City Manager reviews the performance of each department with the General Managers, assisting with problems in the department or in inter-departmental initiatives. The Manager's Office also directly oversees the City Clerk's Office.

City Clerk’s Office

The City Clerk's Office provides the primary communications link between City Council, staff and the community including the responsibility for the preparation of the agendas and minutes for Council and Committee meetings; maintenance and access to corporate records including City bylaws; administrative support to Council and its Committees; and local government elections.

Manager’s Office

City Manager - Peter Steblin
Phone: 604-927-3006