Climate Adaptation

What is Climate Adaptation? 

Hotter summers, warmer winters and more rain and wind storms are predicted in the future due to changing climate, potentially leading to increased flooding, drought, heat waves, wildfires, lower snow packs impacting water supply, sea level rise and other challenges.

Climate adaptation addresses building resiliency against the impact of changing weather patterns on infrastructure, services and the community, beyond simply mitigating the effects of those changes.

Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Coquitlam is Developing a Climate Adaptation Strategic Plan

Coquitlam is developing a Climate Adaptation Strategic Plan to deal with the impacts of changing weather patterns on infrastructure, services and the community.

A $120,000 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is covering most of the costs associated with the project, which will:

  • evaluate potential risks of climate change to City infrastructure and services, 
  • develop strategies to mitigate the impact, and
  • recommend an action plan with timelines.

The plan will consider the impact of climate change on drainage, drinking water, energy, buildings, transportation, parks, natural areas, business, agriculture, and residents’ health and safety.

Once adopted by Coquitlam City Council, the recommended strategies will provide the framework for new policies, practices and plans.

The Climate Adaptation Strategic Plan will be developed by a consultant with expertise on the subject who will work with a staff committee. 

Check back for updates on this project.