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Coquitlam Council Approves 2016 Business Improvement Committee Workplan

by Colleen Smith |

COQUITLAM, BC, April 19, 2016 – Coquitlam Council has approved the City’s 2016 Business Improvements and Customer Service Staff Committee Work Plan.

The Staff Committee on Business Improvements and Customer Service, established in August 2010, is comprised of management representatives from across City departments. Its mandate is to improve customer service by reducing unwanted “red tape” and streamlining business processes to be more efficient. The overall objective is to enable user-friendly and responsive ways of delivering City programs and services to the public as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Committee has completed 213 initiatives since its inception in 2010, with 40% of those happening in 2014/2015 with the introduction of a Stop Doing List.
2016 Work Plan for the Committee has 34 items – highlights include:

  • Finalization and implementation of the Addressing Bylaw;
  • Refinement of the parks design and construction process;
  • Review and implementation of electronic and security storage;
  • Review of departmental customer service; and,
  • Review, repeal, and replacement of Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.

Notable achievements from 2015 included:

  • Implementation of a community gifting program for Parks, Recreation and Culture;
  • Improvement of interdepartmental coordination and communication to best direct and inform citizens;
  • Implementation of the Building Permits Division User Feedback Survey;
  • Review of the customer service standards for public facilities;
  • Review and implementation of a landscape service delivery model;
  • Enhancement of the organics recycling program in an effort to promote and include multi-family dwellings and local businesses;
  • Implementation of Phase 3c of on-street parking;
  • Expansion of the civic facilities recycling program across civic facilities; and,
  • Introduction of Point of Sale systems at additional community centres and pavilions.

From the Stop Doing List, there were over 40 items completed in 2015, a 20% increase over 2014. These items are part of building upon a culture of looking at program and service delivery to seek operational efficiencies and determining if there are things that could be stopped, reduced in scope or done differently while still able to achieve the same result.

These items are addressed on an ongoing basis and are achieved through an interdepartmental team to share best practices across the organization for achieving excellence in government.


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