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New Compact, Energy-efficient Fire Trucks Have Arrived

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, May 20, 2016 – Firefighting is getting greener in Coquitlam with the recent arrival of four new energy-efficient fire engines.

The custom-designed Pierce engines, or pumpers, will result in safer and more effective firefighting while reducing emissions and cutting maintenance, fuel, water and foam costs.

The four trucks made their way to Coquitlam from the Pierce plant in Wisconsin, a journey of approximately 3,300 kilometres. With their arrival, four 21-year-old engines will be retired and sold off.

A highlight of the new trucks is their energy-efficient LED lighting, featuring rechargeable cordless portable lights and 24-volt scene lighting that is brighter and can operate for long periods without the need to idle the engines at emergency scenes, as is the case now. The new pumpers are also equipped with efficient compressed air foam systems that use less water to extinguish most structure fires, resulting in less damage to property and reduced impact to the environment from hazardous water runoff. 

Other benefits of the new engines include:

  • Fewer emissions – All emergency scene lighting can be run off the vehicle batteries for several hours, reducing truck idling and the need for a costly on-board generator.
  • Fuel savings – From reduced idling, less weight (approximately 4,000 pounds), and the newer and more efficient diesel engines.
  • Greater maneuverability – The trucks have independent front suspension, a shorter wheelbase and an improved turning radius, as well as being more compact –  more than four feet shorter in length, one foot shorter in height and eight inches narrower when measured from the outside of the mirrors.

The new trucks come at a time when the department is experiencing an increase in calls year after year due to growth in the City. With their greater efficiency and longer lifespan, the new trucks will help Coquitlam Fire/Rescue better manage the growing demand.

The distinctive black and red engines will be put in service as soon as firefighters have been trained on the new equipment – expected by summer.

Purchased through the City’s scheduled equipment replacement program, the engines cost $700,000 US each and have a 20-year lifespan.

A City design team including Fire / Rescue, Financial Services and Engineering & Public Works staff worked closely with the vendor, Wholesale Fire Rescue, and the manufacturer, Pierce, over a number of months to customize the trucks to meet Coquitlam’s needs and budget. Each truck has a 600-gallon tank, a 12.8-litre 450-horsepower Detroit Diesel engine, and a ground ladder with hydraulic rack. The trucks took 10 months to build. 

View the new trucks here.


Media contact:
Rod Gill
Deputy Fire Chief - Operations
Coquitlam Fire Rescue