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Coquitlam’s Annual Report Showcases ‘A Community in Bloom’

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, June 20, 2016 – The Coquitlam’s 2015 Annual Report demonstrates that the City continues to make steady progress on strategic goals and maintains a sound financial position.

The report, entitled A Community in Bloom, highlights the City’s accomplishments, activities and financial results for the year ending December 31, 2015. The report’s theme recognizes the City’s 2015 win in the provincial Communities in Bloom.

Throughout 2015, many achievements were made in support of the City’s five strategic goals. For example:

  • Strengthen neighbourhoods
    • Completed construction on David Ave. and Coast Meridian Rd.
    • Prepared to host the Coquitlam 2016 55+ BC Games
  • Expand local jobs, local prosperity
    • Introduced of a five-year tourism strategy, to further develop the City’s tourism sector
    • Partnered with the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce on numerous economic development initiatives
  • Increase active participation and creativity
    • Increased child and youth summer admissions by 87%
    • Finalized the Mundy Park Forest Management Plan
  • Enhance sustainability of City services and infrastructure
    • Announced an agreement in principle with the YMCA for a new recreation facility in the Burquitlam area
    • Improved the Spirit Grant process to ensure alignment with the City’s strategic goals
  • Achieve excellence in City governance
    • Participated in the Tri-Cities Transportation Task Force to provide united input to transportation improvements
    • Addressed 51 items through the Business Improvements and Customer Service Committee workplan and ‘Stop Doing’ List

Looking at the financial statements in the Annual Report, the City remains in a solid financial position. More than $4 million in debt was paid down, bringing the total debt to approximately 1% compared to the City’s assets. 

In addition, the City ended the year with a surplus of $ 4.7 million, which represents approximately 2% of the City’s annual budget. Coquitlam invests surplus funds to support one-time priority projects, a practice that can help mitigate the need for future tax increases. As such, the 2015 surplus funds will be used to support priority infrastructure projects with direct community benefit in 2016 including:

  • Improvements to Rochester Park;
  • Improvements to Victoria Park;
  • Parking Improvements in the area of the Lafarge Lake-Douglas College Evergreen Line station; and
  • Allocation of the balance to the Infrastructure Reserve Fund to support unforeseen infrastructure needs.

For more information, or to read the complete 2015 Annual Report, visit the Annual Report webpage.

A condensed highlights version of the annual report is also available online as well as at City Hall and in recreation facilities.

To learn more about City services provided in Coquitlam, visit the Just The Facts webpage.

About Coquitlam in Bloom

Coquitlam was B.C.’s Communities in Bloom winner in 2015, earning a “Five Bloom” award and an overall mark of over 88 per cent after being judged on tidiness, environmental action, heritage conservation, urban forestry, landscape and floral displays within four sectors: municipal, business and institution, residential and community involvement. A special recognition award was also received for excellence in heritage conservation. 

Projects such as the Scott Creek Community Garden, the Coquitlam Safe Project, a selfie project, a pop-up beach at Blue Mountain Park, and Coquitlam in Bloom (CiB) events at Mackin, Victoria and Como Lake parks helped the City secure the win. 

Details and a video highlighting the 2015 Coquitlam in Bloom initiatves are posted on the Coquitlam in Bloom webpage.


Media contact:
Sheena MacLeod
General Manager, Financial Services
City of Coquitlam