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Bylaw Changes Help Better Manage Waste and Wildlife

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, July 27, 2016 – Coquitlam Council has adopted a new solid waste bylaw and amendments to the vector control bylaw, following an in-depth review of these bylaws.

The new Solid Waste Management Bylaw No. 4679, 2016 and amendments to the Vector Control Bylaw No. 4284, 2012, Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amendment (Solid Waste) Bylaw No. 4681, 2016 and Municipal Ticket Information Amendment (Solid Waste) Bylaw No. 4682, 2016 enhance the clarity, applicability, and enforceability of these bylaws.

With the new Solid Waste bylaw the City can provide services to a wider range of one and two family residential properties if they can meet the City’s operation requirements. The new bylaw also transfers the wildlife provisions in the existing bylaw to the amended Wildlife & Vector Control Bylaw, and contains clear language for set out times and cart spacing requirements. Meanwhile, the amendments to the Vector Control Bylaw No. 4284, 2012, define food attractants and wildlife, and add requirements to make food attractants inaccessible to wildlife. Retitling the Vector Control Bylaw to the Wildlife and Vector Control Bylaw No. 4284, 2012 reflects the additional emphasis on mitigating the potential for human-wildlife conflict within the City.

The Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw (the “BEN Bylaw”) and the Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw (the “MTI Bylaw”) are the two bylaws that are used to issue fines for infractions of City bylaws. The proposed amendments to the BEN Bylaw and the MTI Bylaw reflect the new or amended requirements for both the solid waste bylaw and the vector control bylaw.

Residents who see someone violating the solid waste or wildlife regulations can contact Engineering Customer Service 24 / 7 at 604-927-3500. To help facilitate enforcement, residents are encouraged to contact the City while the violation is taking place and/or to provide evidence of the violation, such as a date/time stamped photo.

For more on Coquitlam’s Bylaws, visit ​the Bylaws webpage.


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Manager, Environmental Services