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Coquitlam Approves 2017 Business Plan Priorities

by Kevin Henkelman |

COQUITLAM, BC, December 6, 2016 – Coquitlam Council has approved its 2017 Business Plan, which sets the City’s business priorities for the coming year.

Coquitlam’s annual business planning process ensures the City achieves its annual goals and uses its resources efficiently and effectively by aligning business priorities with the City’s five strategic goals: Strengthen Neighbourhoods; Expand Local Jobs and Prosperity; Increase Active Participation and Creativity; Enhance Sustainability of City Services and Infrastructure; and .Achieve Excellence in City Governance.

In setting its 2017 Business Plan priorities, Council acknowledged that development activity in Coquitlam is anticipated to remain very high in the coming year and that the largest emerging issue is housing affordability. To that end, the plan assigns the highest prioritity to the Housing Affordability Strategy Implementation and Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Planning and also includes the Master Plan for the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre and a review of the City’s Housing Choices program.

The Business Plan also recognizes that transportation continues to be an important priority for the community. Included in the 2017 priorities are the Brunette Interchange, extension of David Avenue, and ongoing management of public parking in rapid transit areas as well as a review of residential parking standards.

Other plan highlights include a Town Centre Park Master Plan update, ongoing implementation of the Economic Development Strategy, and improvements upgrades to several parks throughout the City, most notably Rochester, Smiling Creek, Mountain View and Mackin.

Divided into A, B, and C priorities, the business plan priorities are ranked in order of importance and are aligned with the following criteria:

  • Supports City strategic goals and directions,
  • Fulfills initiatives currently underway and budgeted,
  • Responds to externally driven initiatives, and
  • Reflects public priorities based on Ipsos Reid survey findings and general feedback.

To ensure transparency and accountability, staff publicly report to Council on a trimesterly basis to provide updates on progress made in achieving the business plan priorities.

To view a full copy of the 2017 Business Plan, visit coquitlam.ca/bizplan.


Media contact:
Graham Stuart
Manager, Corporate Planning