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Town Centre Park Master Plan Reaches Next Stage

by Heather Escaravage |

COQUITLAM, BC, April 25, 2017 – The City of Coquitlam is moving into the next stage of the planning process toward the completion of the Town Centre Park Master Plan, which will guide future development of the park for the next 15 to 20 years. 
In January 2017 Council received the report that presented the results of the Master Plan research and public consultation process for Step 1: Analysis and Step 2: Guiding Principles.

In April 2017, the Step 3: Envision stage was launched and resulted in the development of a Draft Land Use Plan with proposed programming, site facilities, amenities and infrastructure. These will be presented to the public for feedback in late May 2017 and then formalized into a final Concept Plan.

Some of the proposed Land Use Plan elements include potential new and upgraded restrooms and services, maintained and improved green spaces and lake loop trail, an enhanced park core for active recreation and play uses, potential improvements or upgrades to sport facilities, and improved social plazas and community event spaces, circulation, wayfinding, and entry gateways.

The vision for the park attempts to achieve a balance between the integration of historical and existing feel and character, focusing on both the natural and man-made assets valued by the community, as well as the continuing evolution of the park to reflect modern sensibilities and capture new and evolving opportunities as a timeless park for everyone.

An extensive site analysis took place in 2016 including public and Council consultation, which set the stage for the development of four main guiding principles for the Master Plan, centered on the idea that Town Centre Park is a place of Destination, Connection, Evolution, and Celebration for the community.  

The final Town Centre Park Master Plan will be presented to Council for approval in the summer of 2017. Once approved, it will provide a blueprint to ensure implementation of key actions to safeguard this recreation and leisure asset for years to come.

At 100 acres, Town Centre Park is one of Coquitlam’s largest urban parks and is a destination for sports, recreation, culture, and leisure activities. With the City’s population projected to increase by approximately 90,000 in the next 30 years, along with the new SkyTrain Evergreen Extension adjacent to the park, the number of Town Centre Park users is forecasted to increase substantially. This growth will put additional demands on the park's amenities and supporting infrastructure.

The existing 1998 Master Plan has guided the development and ongoing evolution of the park space and amenities since the park opened in 1989.

For more information visit the Town Centre Park Master Plan webpage.


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