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New Boulevard Landscape Options for Coquitlam Residents

by Colleen Smith |

COQUITLAM, BC, May 8, 2018 – Coquitlam is offering new options for residents to landscape the boulevards adjacent to their property.

On Monday, Council approved an updated Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw that provides detailed specifications about permitted uses and materials in boulevards. Council also approved an updated Street and Traffic Bylaw to clarify that vehicle parking is not permitted in the boulevard behind a sidewalk or curb.

The recent proliferation of the European Chafer Beetle, which began causing significant damage to grassy boulevards, prompted City staff to review and refine its boulevard regulations. The objective was to provide options to residents wishing to address landscaping damage to boulevards adjacent to their property.

In addition to providing more clarity and options, changes to the Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw will ensure boulevard landscaping improvements meet the City’s public safety criteria. This includes protecting sightlines and legal parking access, maintaining the accessibility of sidewalks, and mitigating water run-off from hard surfaces, as well as preserving neighbourhood aesthetics.

What has changed?
With the updated bylaw, residents will have new boulevard landscaping options, including materials that do not attract Chafer Beetle damage such as bark mulch, stones and shrubs.

Additional bylaw changes allow multi-use pathways as sidewalks and provide clarification of property owners' responsibilities in relation to maintenance requirements near sidewalks and lanes, as well as the treatment and protection of street trees.

What is a boulevard?
Boulevards are the area between the edge of roadways and adjacent private property lines and, although they are a public space, adjacent property owners have certain rights and responsibilities (e.g. snow removal, grass cutting, litter pick-up, etc.) in relation to the boulevard bordering their property.

For more information, visit www.coquitlam.ca/boulevard or contact epw@coquitlam.ca or 604-927-3500.

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