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First Phase of Oakdale Review Shows Diverse Visions

by Patricia Benton |

COQUITLAM, BC, July 9, 2018 – Results are in from the first phase of feedback on the Oakdale Land Use Designation Update (OLUDU) and the responses varied across the neighbourhood.

Between April 9-30, 2018, more than 900 people responded to a survey focused on neighbourhood values and how residents envisioned their neighbourhood in the future. Approximately 70% of respondents live in Coquitlam’s Oakdale neighbourhood, have family or friends in Oakdale, and / or own a property in Oakdale.

Survey Results
Following the preliminary analysis of the responses, feedback from Oakdale residents was separated from the rest of the feedback to help gain a better understanding of what these residents want for the future of their neighbourhood. Oakdale was then divided into sub-areas to allow for comparison across the neighbourhood.

The majority of the residents in south Oakdale (between Kemsley Avenue and Como Lake Avenue) value the proximity to SkyTrain and would like to see more amenities and an affordable range of family-friendly housing in the neighbourhood. These residents indicated they would like to prioritize the revitalization of Oakdale with high-density, transit-oriented development and new amenities and services.

Residents in mid-Oakdale (between Kemsley Avenue and Thompson Avenue) also value the proximity to SkyTrain, and would like to see more amenities and affordable family-friendly housing while retaining the existing single-family character on their quiet streets. The majority of residents in this area indicated they would like to prioritize the retention of existing single-family character, protection of watercourses and environmentally sensitive areas, and development of accessible, people-friendly streetscapes moving forward.

Finally, the majority of the residents in north Oakdale (north of Thompson Avenue) value the character of their quiet, family-friendly neighbourhood. They would like to prioritize the retention of the single-family character of their neighbourhood, protection of environmentally sensitive areas and watercourses, and development of accessible, people-friendly streetscapes.

Next Steps
The survey in the first phase of the OLUDU – and the preliminary focus on neighbourhood values – is just one of several ways residents and other stakeholders will be able to participate in the update process.

Engagement on Oakdale will continue in late 2018. At that time, staff will bring forward potential land use designations as well as potential plans for the transportation network, parks, utilities, and environmental management.

Residents will be invited to provide their feedback on these proposed ideas through a community information session and survey, and information will be available at coquitlam.ca/oakdale. Interested individuals are encouraged to sign up to receive project updates via email at that same webpage.

About the Oakdale Land Use Designation Update (OLUDU) 
The Oakdale Land Use Designation Update (OLUDU) is an implementation action from the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan (BLNP). During the development of the BLNP, a series of land use options were presented for different parts of the plan area. Feedback on these options was used to guide the development of what would become the final plan.

Ultimately, most areas of the BLNP area were able to reach consensus, with residents supporting proposed changes to land use designations. However, in Oakdale, stakeholders and residents had a range of ideas and a consensus for the neighbourhood was not reached. As a result, this area was designated as a Future Planning Area to determine appropriate neighbourhood land uses through a separate, future planning process.

Since the adoption of the BLNP in June 2017, Oakdale residents and stakeholders have contacted the City through petitions, letters and phone calls requesting this planning for Oakdale to take place.

For more information on OLUDU, visit coquitlam.ca/oakdale. For information on the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan visit coquitlam.ca/blnp.

Media contact:
Andrew Merrill
Manager, Community Planning