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Community Celebrates Opening of Smiling Creek Elementary

by Michelle Frilund |
October 2, 2018

It was an exciting evening as smiling students, families, employees, dignitaries and community members gathered for the opening ceremony and open house celebration for Smiling Creek Elementary, the shared multi-purpose activity centre, and the City of Coquitlam's joint-use sports field.

Smiling Creek Elementary Principal Remi Collins presided over the event which began with an open house of the school, activity centre and sports field offering school tours, activities and fun for all. The formal opening ceremony of the school began at 6:00 p.m. with students singing O Canada and performing a song for the crowd. Speeches were made by dignitaries, the school key was passed from Board Chair Palmer Isaak to Principal Collins, the new school plaque was unveiled, and the open housed continued into the evening.

School District 43 dignitaries in attendance included Board of Education Chair Kerri Palmer Isaak, Vice-Chair Michael Thomas, Trustees Carol Cahoon, Chuck Denison, Barb Hobson, Lisa Park, Judy Shirra, Diane Sowden, Keith Watkins; Superintendent Patricia Gartland, Secretary Treasurer Chris Nicolls and other senior staff. 

City of Coquitlam dignitaries in attendance included Mayor Richard Stewart, Councillors Brent Asmundson, Teri Towner, Craig Hodge, Chris Wilson, Dennis Marsden, Bonita Zarrillo, Terry O’Neill; City Manager Peter Steblin, General Manager of Parks, Recreation & Culture Services Raul Allueva and other senior staff.

As the name evokes, students, parents, employees, dignitaries and community members were all smiling during the event for the new school, activity centre and sports field that benefits the entire community.

About Smiling Creek Elementary
Smiling Creek Elementary is a new state-of the-art school built to accommodate students in the growing Burke Mountain community in northeast Coquitlam. Construction began in the summer of 2016 with the new school opening to students, staff and teachers on September 4, 2018.

The 3,700-square metre two-story school provides 430 new student spaces (80 kindergarten and 350 elementary), as well as a multi-purpose activity centre. Students, families and community members of Burke Mountain will benefit from this new school due to its multi-use model – school, activity centre and sports field. Learn more about Smiling Creek Elementary School on SD43’s Capital Projects website: https://www.sd43.bc.ca/CapitalProjects/Pages/SmilingCreek.aspx

About the Activity Centre
Smiling Creek Activity Centre is a shared facility between School District 43 and the City of Coquitlam. The accessible centre provides recreation programming during the evenings and weekends in the school’s gymnasium, multi-purpose room, sport courts, playgrounds and other facilities. Programs include both drop-in and registered sport and fitness programs for all ages, as well as registered dance, cooking, arts and science programs for kids. Learn more about Smiling Creek Activity Centre and find out what's offered this season at www.coquitlam.ca/smilingcreek.  

About Smiling Creek Park
Smiling Creek Park is a 3.43 acre park that forms part of the Smiling Creek Elementary School joint-use site. In addition to the full-size irrigated, sand-based sports field, the park also includes pathways, grass areas, benches, terraced seat walls and a plaza with electrical receptacles to support small tournaments and events. The park is supported through a joint-use agreement between School District 43 and the City of Coquitlam.



Rob Fleming, Minister of Education 
“I’m confident Smiling Creek will be a tremendous asset to residents in the beautiful Burke Mountain area.  I appreciate the modern design elements and focus on sustainability. This is a school that all students, staff and community members can take pride in.” 

Kerri Palmer Isaak, School District 43 Board of Education Chair 
“On behalf of School District 43’s Board of Education, we are very pleased to celebrate the opening of this beautiful new school on Burke Mountain – the first of several schools planned for this region. The collaborative partnership with the City of Coquitlam to offer several shared amenities together at one location will benefit students, families and community members.”

Richard Stewart, City of Coquitlam Mayor
“This school exemplifies a great partnership between School District 43 and the City. It shows how residents benefit when we work together.”

Patricia Gartland, School District 43 Superintendent of Schools 
“It was a pleasure to see so many proud students, employees and families excited about their new school. The attendance of so many at the opening event, including many from the Burke Mountain area, truly demonstrates the connection and pride the entire community has for the school and each other.”

Learn More
Smiling Creek Elementary School website:

Smiling Creek Elementary School page on SD43 Capital Projects website: https://www.sd43.bc.ca/CapitalProjects/Pages/SmilingCreek.aspx

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