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Replace Your Old Clothes Washer for a $100 Rebate

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COQUITLAM, BC, Oct. 4, 2018 – Coquitlam residents who are considering replacing their old clothes washers could get $100 back – and save on their energy bills – by upgrading to energy-efficient models before Nov. 16.

From Oct. 5 to Nov. 16, Coquitlam residents who swap out their old washers for qualifying ENERGY STAR models can apply for a $100 rebate through www.powersmart.ca/appliances.

Offered each spring and fall since 2015, the rebate program is a collaboration between the City and BC Hydro, with each chipping in half of the rebate. BC Hydro also offers rebates for other appliance upgrades during the same time period.

The program is a financial win for Coquitlam residents, who receive the one-time rebate and ongoing energy bill savings, while also helping the City meet its energy conservation, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and water conservation goals.

Heating water accounts for 90 per cent of a washer’s energy use. Compared to a conventional top-loading washer, energy-efficient models can cut water use by almost 40 per cent and electricity use by 65 per cent.

BC Hydro estimates that in its first two years, Coquitlam’s rebate program saved an average of 6.25 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) and 853,421 litres of water per year.

Those benefits will continue to increase as more residents make the switch. Last year, 238 Coquitlam households applied for rebates, up 31 per cent from 182 rebates in 2016. In 2015, the program’s inaugural year, 142 rebates were processed.

Eligible washers must be purchased between Oct. 5 and Nov. 16, 2018, or before funding is exhausted, and applicants must be a Coquitlam resident to qualify for the rebate.

More information about the program and eligible ENERGY STAR washing machines can be found at www.powersmart.ca/appliances. To learn more about Coquitlam’s Climate Action Plan, visit www.coquitlam.ca/climateaction.

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Steffanie Warriner, P.Eng. 
Manager, Environmental Services Division