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Sep 10, 2019 Return to Headlines

More Park Upgrades Coming in Coquitlam

by Sarah Rossi |

COQUITLAM, B.C., Sept. 10, 2019 Six more parks in southwest Coquitlam will be considered for upgrades next year, extending the City’s Park Blitz that has revitalized a dozen parks since 2017.

Wrapping up this fall, the first phase of the $2.5-million Park Blitz renovated 12 of the City’s oldest parks in the Burquitlam, Lougheed and Central Coquitlam neighbourhoods.

Yesterday, City Council agreed to consider adding approximately $2 million to the 2020 capital budget to upgrade six more southwest Coquitlam parks: Maquabeak, Mackin, Dacre, Nestor, Miller and Crane. Decisions on the capital budget will be made this fall.

Park Blitz Brought Needed Upgrades 

The Park Blitz (formally called the Southwest Parks Revitalization Initiative) targeted four neighbourhood parks to be completely renovated each year from 2017 to 2019, to continue meeting the needs of nearby families.

An average of $208,000 per park was invested in Good Neighbour, Crestwood, Dawes Hill and Shiloh in 2017; Poirier Playground, Cape Horn, Meadowbrook and Mariner in 2018; and Oakdale, Guilby, Ranch and Lower Lougheed (still in progress) in 2019.

Improvements varied from site to site, but commonly included new or expanded playgrounds and sport courts, upgraded landscaping and irrigation, new or improved picnic spaces and seating, new accessible pathways, and removal of unsightly and unnecessary structures such as fencing.     

Other Investments in Coquitlam’s Parks

The City is also spending $1.5 million on park improvements from 2019 to 2024 through the Park Amenity Maintenance Program. The 2019 upgrades included tennis courts (Eagle Ridge, Town Centre and Blue Mountain), parking (Mundy and Como Lake), playgrounds (Blue Jay and Noons Creek), stairs (Bramble), tracks (Percy Perry and Centennial), and exercise equipment, paths and lighting (Town Centre).

More than 20 parks are slated for amenity upgrades over the life of the program, with 2020 improvements planned for tennis and park amenities (Hickey), stairs (Durant), park entry (Mackin) and sport courts, irrigation and lighting (Town Centre).

The City has also seen success with the in-house Parks Capital Construction Crew it created this year to support the many concurrent renovation and maintenance projects.

The crew – made up of a coordinator, carpenter and two landscape construction workers – includes a mix of skills designed to handle project and site management along with many smaller hands-on tasks.   

The result has been more control over project scheduling, greater efficiency and the flexibility to manage changes in scope and extra work without incurring extra costs and time associated with hiring external contractors.

For more information about Coquitlam’s park improvement projects, visit www.coquitlam.ca/parkprojects.

Media contact:

Kathleen Reinheimer
Manager of Parks, City of Coquitlam